Happy Release Day to Faye and the Heart of Fire by Nicole Bailey!

Happy Tuesday and a very happy book birthday to Faye and the Heart of Fire by Nicole Bailey! This is the fourth book in Bailey’s Faye and the Ether series, and I loved it!! Let’s check it out:

About the Book:

Title: Faye and the Heart of Fire

Author: Nicole Bailey

Series: Faye and the Ether #4

Publication Date: Aug. 17, 2021

SynopsisIt only takes a spark of unrest to ignite an inferno of treachery.

Faye thought the worst was behind her when the war ended. But leading a race of wary dragons comes with unforeseen challenges. She believes she has everything under control until an attack shatters that illusion, leaving her with an injury and the knowledge that a traitor is concealed among those closest to her.

Needing a personal guard she can trust, she turns to Alec.

Alec is all too happy to swap his lackluster days teaching music for a more thrilling opportunity. But what seems like a simple task escalates when he enters the searing flames of the dragon culture and attempts to uncover the traitor.

Faye’s magic is building up, threatening to erupt and enemies are closing in. Can Faye control her powers? Can Alec work with allies to prevent another attack? Or will the traitor destroy Faye’s reign?

Author Nicole Bailey masterfully delivers gripping fantasy laced with suspense in Faye and the Heart of Fire, the fourth installment of the highly anticipated Faye and the Ether series.

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My Rating:

Favorite Parts:

  • The romances!
  • The intrigue. Who is trying to harm Faye? Can they adjust to their new lives? Will their relationships survive?
  • The world building.

Favorite Lines:

Faye will always be Faye.

We can only pull from what we have, after all.

Life isn’t about being happy every minute of the damn day. If you love someone, then you face the hard times with them.

I would rather be by your side and in danger than safe somewhere else.

I’m not sure of foisted friends are really friends.

Respect is about more than just the words you say.

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