Book Review: Much Ado About Dukes by Eva Devon

About the Book:

Title: Much Ado About Dukes

Author: Eva Devon

Series: Never a Wallflower

Page Length: 336

Publication Date: Aug. 23, 2022

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Synopsis: As far as William Easton―the Duke of Blackheath―is concerned, love can go to the devil. Why would a man need passion when he has wealth, a stately home, and work to occupy his mind? But no one warned the duke that a fiery and frustratingly strong-willed activist like Lady Beatrice Haven can also be a stunning, dark-haired siren who tempts a man’s mind, body, and soul.

Lady Beatrice is determined to never marry. Ever. She would much rather fight for the rights of women and provoke the darkly handsome Duke of Blackheath, even if he does claim to be forward-thinking. After all, dukes―even gorgeous ones―are the enemy. So why does she feel such enjoyment from their heated exchanges?

But everything changes when Beatrice finds herself suddenly without fortune, a husband, or even a home. Now her future depends on the very man who sets her blood boiling. Because in order to protect his esteemed rival, the Duke of Blackheath has asked for Beatrice’s hand, inviting his once-enemy into his home…and his bed.

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My Review:

Much Ado About Dukes follows Lady Beatrice Haven and the Duke of Blackheath as they gather to celebrate an upcoming wedding. Beatrice’s sister is engaged to Will’s brother, and as happy as Beatrice is for her sister, she is also frustrated because she has repeatedly mailed letters to Will and has received no response.

Beatrice is an intelligent and passionate bluestocking who doesn’t want to marry and lose her independence. Determined to fight for the voiceless, her drive to fight for women’s and civil rights is admirable and so relevant. Sadly, women in today’s world can relate all too well the frustration and anger Beatrice feels over the limitations placed upon her because she is a woman. Unconventional and unwilling to back down, Beatrice confronts William, as he is a duke, and she has implored him to support her causes.

Unbeknownst to Beatrice, Will was beyond impressed by her letters and is even more intrigued when he meets her. Quickly, Beatrice realizes there is much more to the aloof and dismissive Duke, and after one dance, they can’t deny their chemistry.

Beatrice and Will are both well-developed protagonists, and they have a great love story. They have strong chemistry right from the start, their banter is fantastic, and I love the way they challenge each other. However, both are hesitant to commit to another, though for very different reasons. She fears losing her autonomy, and he fears losing someone he cares deeply for. I like how they both explore their misgivings and fears as they fall deeper for each other. They are definitely a well-matched pair that brings out the best in each other!

I adore how much Will supports, admires, and encourages Beatrice and feel like this makes him even more swoon-worthy! He is such a good man, and his genuine interest in Beatrice’s thoughts and ideas is refreshing to her. He really listens to her and respects her, which she is not used to when talking to men. Like Beatrice, he is forward-thinking and willing to fight for causes and people he believes in. And throughout the story, he shows Beatrice just how much he believes in her.

I enjoyed the secondary characters too, especially Will’s brothers and Beatrice’s sister. Their relationships with their siblings say so much about them and about Beatrice and Will, and it highlights how important their relatives are to them. The story also includes several fun romance tropes, including grumpy/sunshine romance, marriage of convenience, enemies-to-lovers, and more. Thanks so much to Entangled Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The messages.
  • The characters.

Favorite Lines:

Perfection was easier than shame.

Was it wrong to long for more and settle for nothing less? The world was full of injustice, and she couldn’t stand idly by, sipping lemonade.


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