ARC Review: Raiventon by Sarah Westill

About the Book:

Title: Raiventon

Author: Sarah Westill

Series: Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria #2

Page Length: 319

Publication Date: Sept. 16, 2021

Synopsis: Their marriage might be the key to their freedom…

Raina Merrick wants only one thing in life—to be free of her father’s ruling hand. Then the husband she barely knows walks back into her life and what she once considered important suddenly falls apart. He’s little more than a stranger, but ignites an undeniable passion in her. Focused on making their relationship work, she plans for their freedom… but her actions may ruin the very future she’s trying to build.

Kevin Merrick serves Sziveria as the Master Guardian Raiventon. His rare Interceptor Gen-Heir talent makes him indispensable to the First Intelligence Office. One of a few capable of keeping Raina safe from an unknown threat, Kevin signed a contract with her for life—in marriage. The unimaginable desire she awakens within him becomes a temptation he can’t allow. Raina would never understand the true cost of forever at his side…

Kevin’s genetic inheritance of lightning-fast speed and reflexes are tested as the threats converge on them both. Mounting danger and scorching passions may jeopardize everything…

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My Review:

Raiventon is the second book in the Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria series, and it has a fantastic blend of action, suspense, mystery, and romance! I’m so intrigued by the overarching plot, which I found as intricately layered as the characters. The story begins as Kevin is ordered home for an undesignated period of time to deal with more local threats. Though married for several years, Kevin and Raina don’t know each other well and have only been together a handful of times. There is no intimacy in their relationship, and both long for more.

Raina’s life has been entirely dictated by her father. From her arranged marriage to Kevin to the people who work in her home, Raina’s world is completely controlled, and she is determined to become independent. Unfortunately, Raina naively trusts the wrong person, and her life becomes endangered. Kevin must protect his wife from the ever-increasing threats that surround her, but their lives are so different, and he tries to resist his feelings for her. How could she, a beautiful and cultured woman, love a brutal assassin?

Kevin and Raina go through so much in this story, and many obstacles stand in the way of their happiness. Corruption, deception, her father, his job, a zombie-esque epidemic, blackmail, and ruthless, power-hungry antagonists are a few of the issues the pair must face. What I like is how committed they are to each other and how they never give up. Thrust into a dark and dangerous world she is unprepared for, Raina learns just how strong she really is, and Kevin learns how strong his feelings for his wife truly are.

Both characters have fabulous character arcs, and I loved learning more about them, their relationships, their pasts, and their growing relationship. I love that Kevin makes Raina see things from a different perspective, especially since she feels so trapped by her circumstances. And I adore the fact that Raina makes Kevin see that he is a man of worth. They both also realize that some of the choices made for them were actually the best things that could have happened to them.

You are the only one who owns me, princess. I will do anything for you.

Of course, my favorite part of the story is the romance (no surprise there!). Raina and Kevin have unbelievable sexual tension, which heightens as the story progresses. With Kevin back and protecting Raina, they have a chance to connect, and they sure do! Their attraction to each other is undeniable, filled with chemistry, and totally swoon-worthy! Some of the things Kevin says to Raina are earth-shattering, swoon-tasticness.

The men in Raina’s life don’t always do what is right, but she learns that much of what they do is out of love and a desire to protect. A lot of the story is about love and choices – what people do when faced with them, and what people do when they lack them. Neither Kevin nor Raina feel like they had choices when it came to the biggest decisions of their lives. Controlling family members, dangerous threats, and societal expectations restricted their sense of freedom and ability to make independent decisions without outside influence. Though they handle things differently, Raina and Kevin are united in these feelings.

A man’s power over a woman could be measured by his control of her.

One of my favorite tropes is the found family, and the found family in this series is fantastic. Kevin, Sean, Katria, and Mason are a team, and they are always there for each other. They truly are more family than coworkers. Mason’s sister Cora and another friend named Jonathan are also becoming part of this close-knit group, as is Raina. They all have similar ideals and ethics, and their unwavering trust in and support of each other is marvelous! They have the best banter, and I love the connection that they share.

The author is skilled at creating intricate and unique plots and dynamically developed and well-layered characters. The setting is also vivid, original, and immersive and well-detailed. I would highly recommend Raiventon to readers who enjoy paranormal romance, and I’m so thankful to Sarah Westill for sending a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. I’m eager to continue the series and find out who will be the romantic focus of the next book. There are hints of possible love connections in Raiventon, and I’m curious to see where these potential romances lead.


Favorite Parts:

  • The ROMANCE!!! Sa-WOON!
  • The suspense and intrigue.
  • The found family.

Favorite Lines:

No country is immune to betrayal or pure selfish ambition.

Station and perceived wealth through all things shiny hadn’t changed in the history of humanity.

Five years, fifteen, twenty, forever. I’d do them all with you if I had the choice.

I don’t want fear to become my normal.


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