Book Review: Debating with the Duke by Alexa Aston

About the Book:

Title: Debating with the Duke

Author: Alexa Aston

Series: Second Sons of London

Page Length: 244

Publication Date: April 6, 2022

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing

Synopsis: First sons inherit all. Third sons are promised to the church. Second sons do their duty and serve in the military—unless fate intervenes and turns their lives upside down.

Welcome to Second Sons of London, a new Regency Historical Romance series by USA Today Bestselling author Alexa Aston, where seven men who are second sons lay claim to fabulous wealth and lofty titles and fulfill their destinies when they find their soulmates.

A serious duke who has been shattered by war. An opinionated beauty with no interest in marriage. A kiss that should be wrong but is more than right…

Major Everett Wayland is stunned when his brother is murdered, making Ev the Duke of Camden. The shy duke meets a matchmaking beauty of the ton who, while unsuited to be his duchess, promises to help Ev find an appropriate woman to become his wife.

Lady Adalyn Porter is not easily intimidated and is a leader in Polite Society, occasionally matching couples together. Her cousin, Tessa, has made a love match and has a new baby, causing Adalyn to rethink her stance on marriage.

When she agrees to find a stodgy duke a bride who is dignified and unapproachable, Adalyn has no idea what she’s in for—especially after the dull duke kisses her—and she finds he’s not quite what he seems.

Will Ev convince Addie that she is everything he wants—and didn’t know he needed?

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My Review:

When Everett Wayland hears that his older brother has died, and he is the new Duke of Camden, he knows he is wholly unprepared. Luckily, he has the support of his friends, but he knows he also needs a Duchess. Lady Adalyn Porter is a matchmaker and cousin to the wife of Everett’s best friend, so when they meet, she agrees to help Everett find a wife. However, as Adalyn sees her cousin and her husband with their new baby, Adalyn begins to see that she wants the same in her life, and Everett might just be what Adalyn never knew she was looking for.

Everett and Adalyn have such a great opposites-attract romance! When they first meet, Everett is looking for a wife, and he promptly realizes that Adalyn is not what he wants. Adalyn is vivacious and extroverted. She likes to socialize, and people seem to gravitate to her. Everett wants his duchess to be cool, composed, quiet, and dignified. He tells Adalyn this, and they even make a list of the qualities he desires so that Adalyn can help him find a wife. However, the more time they spend together, the more Everett realizes how much he enjoys being with Adalyn.

Both Everett and Adalyn struggle to reveal their feelings, but their chemistry is palpable. Of course, misunderstandings and insecurities stand in their way. Everett is quiet and shy and feels he isn’t good enough for Adalyn. She is witty and respected in the ton, and Everett barely knows the rules of polite society. I like how this pair learns that they are a complement to each other, and I couldn’t wait for them to finally reveal their feelings to each other. Plus, their banter is fantastic, especially when they tease and challenge each other.

The story highlights issues that were very relevant during the time, many of which are still relevant today. Feelings of worth, complicated family dynamics, the brutality of war, the gratification of having loyal and supportive friends, and the societal pressures one faces are all addressed in the book. It makes for an interesting and thought-provoking romance.

Alexa Aston is such a great historical romance novelist, and I always enjoy reading her stories. The characters are compelling, as are the plotlines, and the romances are always super swoon-worthy! I also like that the characters from the first book have roles in this book. I loved Spencer and Tessa and was eager to see how their relationship was progressing. However, if you haven’t read the first book in the series, you can totally read this one as a standalone.

Thanks so much to NetGalley and Dragonblade Publishing for providing me with a copy of the book. All views are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The characters.

Favorite Lines:

Better to be quiet and serious than be completely misunderstood.

Tying Addie to him would be like keeping a butterfly from emerging from its cocoon in all its beauty and glory.


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