Book Review: Perfect Melody Silenced by Sarah Westill

About the Book:

Title: Perfect Melody Silenced

Author: Sarah Westill

Series: Bella and the Beast Master

Page Length: 224

Publication Date: Feb. 7, 2023

Synopsis: At the request of a desperate family searching for answers, Ruthenian Beast Master Markus Ralston, and his wolf Lunah, have returned to the shores of Sziveria.
Punished for her assistance in the capture of a serial killer, Bella Fenwick has been relegated to working in the basement of the Sziverian National Investigative Division. She can’t afford to complain however, so she keeps to herself, does her job, and hopes the guardians out to fire her won’t succeed. Once again, the arrival of Markus sends her world spinning, in more ways than one…
Markus grasps the only option available – he takes Bella from her demoted position and places her at his side, where it’s becoming clear to him, she belongs. Together, they begin investigating the mysterious death of a young rising singer.
But more than a murder case arises when Markus learns the truth about why Bella’s so desperate to keep her position within an organization that cares nothing for her. A revelation that makes him realize he may have to claim her as his mate before she’s ready to admit to the fiery spark igniting between them…

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My Review:

This is an engrossing addition to the Bella and the Beast Master series with an intriguing mystery, wonderful relationships, and a slow-building, swoon-worthy romance.

The story takes place months after the conclusion of the first book, and Bella and Markus haven’t seen each other in all that time, though they keep in touch mostly with letters. Markus has finally returned to Sziveria and is eager to reunite with Bella, so he is really disappointed when she doesn’t meet him and Lunah upon their arrival. He quickly finds out, however, that Bella wasn’t allowed to leave work and has been demoted for working with him on his previous case.

I adored the scene when Markus and Bella reunite. It’s so sweet and emotional, and you can tell how much they missed each other. So, it’s no surprise when Bella takes a few weeks out of work to help Markus solve his newest case, a murder of a young singer.

Bella and Markus so need to open their own private investigation business because they are incredibly skilled at what they do. They see things that are often overlooked or not considered in difficult investigations, which is really intriguing. Bella, Markus, and Lunah make a great team, and I love how they are forming their own little unit. They each have strengths and weaknesses, and they balance each other well. Their slow-building romance is filled with sexual tension, and I’m excited to see how their story progresses as they build a relationship and possible future together and with Lunah.

Lunah is so sweet and protective and adorable. I would love to be able to communicate with my dogs the way Markus does with Lunah! Imagine knowing their thoughts and feelings – so cool! The story delves a bit into Markus’s link to his beast, which I found really interesting. I’m eager to learn more about Markus’s home, family, and backstory.

I also really like the growing relationship between Markus and Bella’s mother. They have deep respect and admiration for each other, and it feels like they are developing a lovely friendship. Bella’s mother has a gift for being able to see good matches, and I think she sees that he and Bella are fated mates. But I love how she doesn’t pressure Bella or even say much about it. She gives Bella the time to develop feelings without influence, thereby giving her a choice. I think this is really important, considering Bella doesn’t have a lot of choice in this dystopian world. Her livelihood, living arrangements, and more are dictated by people with more power, influence, or money than her. Her mother and Markus are the only ones who consistently value and seek out her opinion.

The mystery is intriguing, the characters are great, and the romance makes me want to get my hands on book three ASAP! Special thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • Lunah!
  • The world-building.

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