Top Ten Tuesday: Covers That Made Me Instantly Want to Buy the Book

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

This week’s topic is Covers That Made Me Instantly Want to Buy the Book. I have definitely bought or added to my TBR more than my fair share of books because I have major cover love. I find it difficult to resist a beautiful cover, and I totally judge a book by it. lol That’s not to say I won’t read a book with a less than enticing cover, but I definitely couldn’t resist these pretty books.

1. Raiders of the Lost Heart by Jo Segura

Raiders of the Lost Heart doesn’t release until December, but I already know I need to own it. That cover is so fantastic. It’s bright and bold colors are eye-catching and vibrant, and it just has a fun and exciting feel to it. Plus, the title – I love the Indiana Jones vibes.

2. Spell Bound by F.T. Lukens

Spell Bound has the kind of cover that pulls you right into the story before you even begin. I want to know who these characters are, what kind of magic they’re using, and what’s going on in the house behind them.

3. The Sea Siren of Broadwater Bottom by Courtney McCaskill

Isn’t this so pretty? The punk tree and green grass look so lovely together, and I adore the couple sitting on the white horse. It gives off major fairy tale – happily ever after vibes. Even the font has that feel. I love it, and was so happy to add it to my shelves.

4. My Killer Vacation by Tessa Bailey

So, I think I like pink covers. lol This is another with striking poinks and green/blue. They complement each other well and make the embracing couple really stand out. Plus, dude with tattoos…

5. Prince of Song and Sea by Linsey Miller

Prince Eric? Ariel? I love this cover so much, and I totally preordered it before I even knew much about it. Look at his eyes. I’m mesmerized! I love the bright blues and the crashing waves, and Ariel in the corner looking like she’s about to bust out with “Part of Your World.” I can’t get enough!

6. A Lot Like Adios by Alexis Daria

A Lot Like Adios has bright and bold cover, and I love how it looks like the sun is shining behind the couple. And the way the couple is staring at each other. I already know they’re going to have great chemistry and a swoon-tastic romance.

7. A Far Wilder Magic by Allison Saft

This cover is so pretty in a dark, mysterious, and Gothic kind of way. I also really love how this couple is staring at each other and holding each other’s hands. It definitely made me curious about their story. The font is very bright and bold, which really contrasts the rest of the cover and draws your attention to the couple even more. And the plants and vines, though understated, feel as though they’re taking over the page and consuming the characters. Intriguing!

8. Desert Island Duke by Kate Bateman

Desert Island Duke is the newest release on my list. I believe it just released last week, and it is a stunner! This cover is so beautiful with the edges full of vibrant flowers, that gorgeous purple gown, and the island and ocean in the background. I feel a little sea-swept just looking at it.

9. Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

When I first saw the cover for Cemetery Boys, I knew nothing about the story, but I knew I needed it in my life. It’s a stunner, for sure. I wanted to know more about these characters and the being above them. The moon behind that character gives mysterious vibes with a sense of foreboding. And what’s in the hand of the front character? I need to know!!

10. Thorn by Intisar Khanani

At first glance, Thorn looks like it has a simple cover, and it’s colors and the girl are striking, but it’s made even more compelling when you notice all of the little details. I bought this before I even read the blurb, and it totally paid off. It was a 5+ star read for me. I loved the story so much, I got the others in the series too.

Have you ever brought a book because of a pretty cover? Comment below!

25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Covers That Made Me Instantly Want to Buy the Book

  1. Raiders of the Lost Heart is on my tbr and requested it yesterday on Netgalley haha. I am in love with that cover!

  2. A dude with tattoos on the cover will get me reading a book as well. Although, seeing Bailey’s cover just makes me think of all the drama with the original cover for that book and how it had to be changed.

  3. I also like the cover of Cemetery Boys and Spell Bound. The glowing house in the background of Spell Bound gives haunted house vibes, I haven’t read that one yet but the cover has always intrigued me.

    1. Spell Bound is such a good story! If you like cozy ya fantasy, you should totally check it out. And I haven’t read Cemetery Boys yet, but I bought it. Definitely need to get to it soon. 🙂

  4. I’m a total sucker for a pretty cover – if a book doesn’t have a pretty cover, chances are that I’m not buying a physical copy, and I’ll just get it on kindle LOL!

  5. These are definitely some pretty covers! I love the one for Spell Bound a lot (F.T. Lukens has had such good luck with their covers, they’re all so beautiful)

  6. Spell Bound’s cover is the reason why I was initially interested too! That, and it was an F.T. Lukens book. Come to think of it, ALL of Lukens’ books immediately drew me in with their covers. Hmm…

    I added Thorn to my TBR a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t seen that Little Mermaid book before, or heard about that new series, and I need it now, lol.

    1. Yes! I love all of Lukens’s covers, and I recently met the author. They’re so nice! Thorn is a fantastic read. I loved it. And that Little mermaid cover is so gorgeous!! It was cool to read the story from Eric’s point of view.

  7. All of these covers are fab! 😍 Raiders of the Lost Heart has such an awesome cover and that title is awesome too. I definitely love a well-illustrated and eye-catching cover. Great list, Julie!

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