Review: Proxy Bride by Katy Paige

I won this sweet romance through a Goodreads giveaway.


The Proxy Bride is the first book in Katy Paige’s The Lindstroms series. A sweet contemporary romance, this is the perfect light read.

When Jenny Lindstrom agrees to serve as a proxy bride for her best friend, she never imagined bumping into (literally) a man like Sam Kelley. Sam agreed to stand in as a proxy groom for his cousin. When Jenny and Sam miss their appointment with the judge, they end up spending a long weekend getting to know each other.

They do not have much in common. Jenny is a country girl, and Sam is a city boy. They are from different cities and live very different lives. Yet, they can’t deny the attraction they feel. Sam is drawn to Jenny’s wholesome honesty. Jenny likes Sam’s lighthearted personality.

Can Sam and Jenny put their misgivings aside and follow their hearts?

My Review:

This is a sweet contemporary romance. Jenny is an innocent and slightly naive small-town school teacher, and Sam is a wealthy big-city businessman. Their first meeting is comically cringe-worthy, and their budding romance is lovely.

One of the strengths of this book is the dynamic main characters. Jenny and Sam are quite well-developed, and the reader can easily understand their thoughts and feelings. Jenny’s trepidation is understandable, as is Sam’s. Their personalities, though very different, compliment each other.

I also like that the minor characters are also well-developed. Jenny’s brothers are funny and interesting men who clearly love their sister and support their father unconditionally. I suspect that each brother will be the focus of subsequent books in the series.

Themes of loyalty, love, and following one’s heart flow deeply in Proxy Bride. A sweet and easy Hallmark-esque read, this book is sure to please lovers of contemporary romance.


Favorite Parts:

  • the realistic banter between Jenny and Sam
  • Jenny’s lovable and loyal family
  • the comical clerk at the courthouse
  • positive messages


Readers who enjoy sweet contemporary romance will enjoy this read, as will people who like books with strong dialogue and well-developed characters.

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