Review: Choosing Theo by Victoria Aveline

About the Book:

Title: Choosing Theo

Author: Victoria Aveline

Series: The Clecanian Series (Book 1)

Page Length: 306

Publication Date: March 4, 2020

Synopsis: Choosing Theo is the first book in The Clecanian Series by Victoria Aveline. When Jade is abducted by aliens, she fears the worst. Luckily, she is rescued by the benevolent Clecanian’s. They offer her protection and security, as, according to the laws, she must remain on the planet for one year. She also must follow the customs of the planet, which includes participating in a marriage. Initially, Jade refuses. However, as she realizes the futility of her situation, she decides to embrace this new and unusual world where women are put on a pedestal by the males.

Jade chooses Theo as her husband, much to everyone’s surprise. A strong, silent, brooding mercenary, Theo has never been chosen and doesn’t ever expect to be. He is shocked and suspicious when Jade chooses him. What are her real motives? Could she be a spy for one of his enemies? Theo doesn’t trust her and is determined to find out her intentions.

Jade wants to go back to Earth and her life before the abduction. Yet, she is drawn to Theo. Can she get through his defenses, and does she want to? Choosing Theo could be Jade’s best decision or her biggest mistake.

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My Review:

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a teenager, and I love all kinds. Historical, fantasy, cowboy, young adult – You name it, I’ll give it a try. Alien romance is no exception.

Choosing Theo is a fabulous read! It has a strong and likable protagonist, a hunky and brooding alpha-male, and an interesting story-line. It reminded me a bit of an Evangeline Anderson novel, and I am a big Anderson fan.

I love the slow-burning romance in this story! Both Jade and Theo are fighting their feelings for each other while dealing with their own issues – Jade is trying to acclimate to a new world with unfamiliar customs, and Theo is dealing with his own demons and sense of self-worth. This inner turmoil, as well as their distrust of and reluctant attraction to each other, leads to many tense and sexually-charged scenes.

They both have doubts, yet their desire for each other is powerful. They are a well-matched pair and complement each other well. I like that Jade gives Theo so much more confidence, and I love that Theo shows Jade how to trust and let others in. She is very closed off and afraid to get close to others. Theo and several other new alien friends help bring Jade out of her shell.

Though this is a character-driven book, the world-building in the story is worth mentioning. The author creates a vivid picture of the Clecanian planet. The landscape, clothing, history, politics, and cultural traditions are all seamlessly woven into the story.

Another aspect of the story that I adored is how the females are treated. Females are held in high regard because there are so few of them on the planet. The gorgeous alpha-males are even required to take classes on how to care for their wives and children and are taught to dote on their females. They take their roles seriously and devote themselves to making their females happy.

I might consider a move to this planet! I could totally get used to a hot alien pampering me!

In addition to the love story, there is a bit of intrigue. After all, two aliens abducted Jade and shipped her in a pod to an unknown planet. Jade does not know who her kidnappers are or why she was targeted. As the story progresses, there are suspicions that someone close to the Clecanians is behind it. This mystery unfolds as the story progresses.

Choosing Theo is a well-developed and gripping romance novel with excellent messages about self-worth, connecting to others, and fighting for those you love.


Favorite Parts:

  • The steamy romance. Jade and Theo have amazing chemistry and an undeniable connection.
  • The female adulation and reverence on the Clecanian planet.
  • The unique yet familiar setting.
  • The excellent messages.


Readers who enjoy sci-fi alien romance will love this book. I think people who enjoy a slow-burn and steamy romantic scenes will also enjoy it.

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