Review: Crown of Frost by Isabella August


A wicked faerie warlock haunts Elaine’s dreams.

As a Taurus witch, it’s hardly a surprise that she dreams of warlocks. Yet each time, it’s the same mysterious man with long black hair and icy blue eyes. For years, he haunts her dreams… until the day she finally meets him, face to face.


When Liam steps out from the shadows, he claims he’s come to protect her. Tall, dangerous, and ethereal, he has a noble bearing… and a dark edge.

Though Liam is everything Elaine should fear, he speaks to her with a strange familiarity, stirring distant recollections. Everything about him is woven through the fabric of her shattered memory: His voice. His touch. His promise to keep her safe.

And while her memories of Liam are sparse, she finds herself drawn to him in a way that suggests he’s the very opposite of her enemy.

Liam’s dark nature drives him to possess her. Elaine knows she should resist… but with his first wicked touch, she’s lost to his seduction.

This steamy STANDALONE paranormal romance novel in an urban fantasy setting has a happy ending and contains no cheating. The books in the series can be read in any order. 

My Review:

Thanks so much to Book Sirens for this copy of Isabella August’s Crown of Frost. I also want to thank she just loves books who wrote a super informative post that explained how she gets her ARC reviews. That’s how I stumbled across Book Sirens! Though the first book I chose is not an ARC, the cover intrigued me. I love the fantastical feel of it as well as the fierce, warrior-esque look in the woman’s eye.

One reason that I enjoy fantasy novels so much is because of the incredible world-building that often accompanies them. This book is no exception. The world that the author created is so vivid and unusual. It is a fresh perspective on magic that I haven’t seen before. Arcadia, the magical realm described in the story, is an intricately developed world of powerful rulers, witches, warlocks, and other fascinatingly original elements.

I also like the way that the flashbacks are woven throughout the story. The story begins five years after Elaine escaped from the evil clutches of Lord Blackfrost. Since Elaine can’t remember her time in the faerie realm, she gets help from her apprentice who is more experienced in this area. In the flashbacks, we learn of Elaine’s captivity and her relationship with Liam. We also learn more about Arcadia. The author skillfully transitions from present to past to create a coherent, clear, and creative story-line as well as captivating characters.

The characters are as richly developed as the setting. From the mad Faerie Lord who will stop at nothing to possess Elaine to the spunky apprentice who shows more bravery than common sense, all of the characters are dynamically created with a depth that I love in the books that I read.

Liam is everything I like in a leading man – handsome, mysterious, witty, selfless, and smart. His love for Elaine is unwavering (and swoon-worthy!), and her love for him is just as strong. There is no doubt of their feelings for one another. Even when Elaine couldn’t remember him, she was still drawn to him, and there is a completeness when they are together.

This is an engrossing story reminiscent of fairy tales and complete with a happy ending. Though it is the first in a series, it is meant to be read as a stand-alone novel. That being said, I can’t wait for the next in the series to come out! I’m curious if Elaine and Liam’s story will continue or if the story will focus on other characters within the faerie realm.

Either way, this talented author is one to put on your radar!


Favorite Parts:

  • the love story. Elaine and Liam’s story is interesting and steamy!
  • the faerie world. It is unique and vivid. I definitely want to learn more about this realm.
  • a different perspective on magic and faeries


Readers who like fantasy and romance will enjoy this book. I think it will also appeal to people who like faerie stories with steamy romantic scenes.

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