Review: A Season to Love by Rebecca Heflin

Title: A Season to Love

Author: Rebecca Heflin

Series: Seasons of Northridge (#2)

Page Length: 300

Publication Date: March 2020

Synopsis: After seventeen years away, Tyler has returned to his hometown of Northridge, complicating Kristen’s life and dredging up conflicting emotions she’d rather not confront: the shame of that night so many years ago, coupled with the confounding and unwelcome physical attraction she has for him; the desire to keep her secret and the guilt over doing just that.

For his part, Tyler tries to renew his once-casual friendship with Kristen, but is greeted with open hostility for his efforts. He can’t understand why she feels about him the way he feels about Brussels sprouts and kale—intense loathing. What did he do that was so unforgivable? And what can he do to make her view him with less distaste than she would gum on the bottom of her shoe?

When they’re roped into working on a project together for the town’s Economic Development Council, there is no denying their chemistry. The heat between them grows into something more than sexual attraction, leaving Kristen no other alternative. She must confess her secret, even though she knows it will tear them apart. In an ironic twist, she finds she must seek forgiveness from the very man she swore never to forgive.

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My Review:

A Season to Love is the second book in the Seasons of Northridge series, however, it can easily be read as a stand-alone story. It is a sweet small-town romance that reunites a couple who hasn’t seen each other in years.

Kristen and Tyler knew each other in high school and are reunited 16 years later when they are both on the Economic Development Committee for their town. Kristen’s anger toward Tyler for a night he barely remembers, a night she can’t forget, has simmered for years and now threatens to erupt. How can she work with a man that she despises?

While spending time together, and growing closer, Kristen and Tyler have to revisit the past. They must face miscommunication, hurt feelings, and prejudices from all those years ago before they can fully embrace their possible romantic future. There are also secrets from the past that need to be addressed (and forgiven).

Kristen and Tyler are very different people from very different backgrounds, yet they have so much in common. Independent and hard-working, Kristen raises a son on her own and owns her own business. She is determined and resilient in the face of life’s challenges.Tyler also doesn’t have much support during a time when he needed it most. Rejected by his girlfriend and away from his family, he went through a terrible illness on his own. A survivor like Kristen, his strength and determination are commendable.

Themes of forgiveness, accepting the past, and embracing love are at the forefront of this second-chance romance. Furthermore, the main characters are dynamic and complex, and the story is interesting.

Though I didn’t like how long Kristen kept the secret from Tyler and her son, I understood her fears and misgivings, and it didn’t detract from the other parts of the story that I enjoyed.


Favorite Parts:

The romance, of course! A second-chance romance with so much potential but major emotional obstacles in the way makes for an interesting read.


Readers who enjoy contemporary second-chance romance will enjoy this book.

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