Review: Sea Child by Laverne Thompson

Title: Sea Child

Author: Laverne Thompson

Series: Children of the Waves (#4)

Publication Date: April 23, 2020

Synopsis: Shawnah had a decision to make. Sea born but land raised, she now knew the truth of her birth and how far some would go to steal her powers. There was only one man she trusted to protect her while she learned how to protect herself. But what happens if she decides to flaunt destiny and not remain in the sea? Would she risk losing him? The children of Poseidon are fated to have one mate.

Cyrus didn’t think that applied to him, since he was a hybrid born of both land and sea. He never searched for a bride. But fate had other ideas, and once he held Shawnah in his arms, Cyrus had no intention of letting her go. When she is once again threatened, Cyrus is willing to take on the gods of the sea, or even her father of the land, to protect her and remain at her side. 

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My Review:

Sea Child is the fourth book in the Children of the Waves series. A unique take on mer-people, this story focuses on Shawnah and Cyrus. Shawnah is the daughter of Tabatha, the White Witch, and Cyrus is the youngest child of Poseidon. Children of Poseidon are fated to have one mate, and Shawnah is his.

As Shawnah navigates a new underwater world, a new mate, and a new title, she must also beware the dangers that lurk, including her power-hungry, evil mother who wants nothing more than to steal Shawnah’s powers and claim the throne for herself.

This is a fast-paced romance story with action, adventure, and a burning hot love story! I like the immersive and fantastical world, the unique characters, and the fresh spin on mythological beings. I also like how the characters from the first three books in the series have continued roles in this book.

As this is the fourth book in the series, I would recommend reading the first three. This would be difficult, though not impossible, to read as a stand-alone story since many of the characters and events referenced are from the previous books. Reading the series in order provides important context. Thanks so much to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review!



Readers who enjoy romance that takes place in a fantastical world will enjoy this series.

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