Review: I Don’t Date Superheroes by S.D. Rogue

Title: I Don’t Date Superheroes

Author: S.D. Rogue

Series: Paladin Romance

Page Length: 182

Publication Date: April 13, 2020

Publisher: SL Editions

Synopsis: Love comes with superpower consequences.

Hana is your average 20-something nurse—except for one small detail: she is responsible for the care of the world’s best kept secret: superheroes—who are known as Paladins. Hana has one very simple rule when it comes to her love life: she doesn’t date superheroes! She’s been there, done that—never again.

Her life gets turned upside down when Bashir, a stunningly good-looking Paladin, shows up at her house and says his life is in danger. Hana agrees to help him, but in doing so is brought into the web of peril that follows him. Bashir isn’t like other Paladins. He’s charming, caring, and makes her feel protected.

On top of running for her life, Hana begins to see that she might have one problem: she may be developing feelings for the type of guy she swore she would never date.

Book one of the Paladin series will take you on a page-turning adventure filled with billionaires, exotic locales, superheroes, and sweet romance. 

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My Review:

Hana is a nurse in a facility that cares for wounded Paladins – superheroes. When Bashir, a handsome Paladin and one of her patients, shows up at her house and asks for help, Hana is quickly thrust into a dangerous world where her life is at risk. And though she swore never to date another Paladin, she can’t resist Bashir’s care, concern, and charm.

Will she break her own rule of never dating the typically arrogant and ego-centric superheroes, and will Hana and Bashir figure out who is after them? Hana and Bashir must figure out who they can trust in order to save their lives and the lives of other Paladins.

I Don’t Date Superheroes is a fast-paced story filled with adventure, intrigue, and a little bit of romance. Hana is a strong and independent protagonist who doesn’t put up with nonsense, which I like. Bashir is brave and determined, and his super speed ability is really cool (and useful). I like the banter between Bashir and Hana. They play off each other well.

However, I found both of the characters a bit underdeveloped and wish the complexities of their personalities were more deeply developed. Some of Hana’s reactions to the unusual and dangerous circumstances she’s forced into are passive and indifferent. Though she is strong and sure, her lack of emotion in some parts of the story seem illogical.

Additionally, I didn’t love the negative portrayal of women, especially the female Paladins. They were flat characters with negative and hostile attitudes, and I wish they were more unique and defined.

Though the characters weren’t dynamically developed, I did enjoy the world-building. The secret government agency, the Paladins, and the super-powers are fantastic, and the events that unfold are suspenseful and contain a few surprising revelations.

Thanks so much to Netgalley and XPresso Book Tours for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The premise. A woman who works at for a secret department treating injured superheroes..Pretty cool!
  • The romance, of course! 🙂


Readers who enjoy fast-paced superhero romance novels with strong female protagonists and a lot of action will enjoy I Don’t Date Superheroes.

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