Review: Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair by Kyra Radcliff

Title: Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair

Author: Kyra Radcliff

Page Length: 178

Publication Date: March 17, 2020

Publisher: Dawn Hill Publications

Synopsis: Susan Johansen is efficient, ambitious and cool-headed in a crisis, which is exactly why her boss, Charles Dunlap, needs her. As the successful owner of one of the richest old money industrialist conglomerates in the world, he is under pressure of a different kind when his daughter Alicia becomes involved with internet entrepreneur Miles Middleton.

With an ego as big as his bank balance, Miles has a reputation for a string of affairs and Charles doesn’t want his daughter anywhere near him. And so he enlists Susan, as a Trojan Horse, burying her deep within Miles’ business interests in the hope that she can sabotage his relationship with Alicia.

It isn’t long before the plan seems to be working and Miles is missing lunches, dinners and other dates with Alicia in favour of making money and sealing deals. But it’s when he takes Susan away on a business trip and tries to seduce her that she sees him for what he really is. But now that she is close to her goal, Susan suddenly has a crisis of confidence? Is she really still working for Charles or is she now pursuing her own agenda with Miles?

As he continues to get under her skin with his continuous attempts at seduction, Susan finds that she is more conflicted than ever. And the closer she gets to completing the assignment, the greater the chances are that Miles will discover her secret.

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My Review:

Billionaire Boss, Undercover Affair is a quick and light contemporary romance. It begins when Susan begrudgingly agrees to work undercover for her boss. Her task: break up the engagement of her bosses semi-estranged daughter and her rich, playboy fiancee who also happens to be her boss’s biggest competition. But Miles is different than she expected. Despite her boss’s accusations and tabloid rumors, Miles is smart, ethical, and dangerously attractive, and Susan can’t help but fall for him.

Susan is smart, hard-working, and confident. A sharp businesswoman, she worked her way to the top with grit and determination. Her difficult upbringing taught her many lessons and shaped her into the success she is in her professional life. However, she has no close relationships.

Most of Susan’s past relationships were toxic including her alcoholic and verbally abusive mother, her teacher-turned-lover who used his influence to seduce her, and her manipulative troglodyte of a boss. Susan has ample reason to isolate herself, keep people at arm’s length, and retreat if anyone gets too close. She is a staunch believer of not mixing business with pleasure until she meets Miles and some of the lovely people who work for him. I like that she learned the importance of relationships and connections and not just with a romantic partner. She makes several friends throughout the story who support her and teach her how valuable and fulfilling relationships can be.

In addition to the romance, the story addresses themes like the detrimental effects of secrets, the insidious invalidity of tabloids, and the benefits of strong and lasting relationships. These strong messages, much like the emotions of the characters, are relatable and interesting.

The romance is wonderful at times, and Miles and Susan have some sizzling chemistry. However, there are other times when I did not enjoy the critical and insulting banter between the couple. They had multiple chances to admit their secrets to one another but failed. Though this progressed the plot, it did add unnecessary conflict and confrontations that sometimes ended ugly. That being said, their good moments are lovely and often spicy.

Thanks so much to Dawn Hill Publications for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance, of course! Susan and Miles have so much chemistry! 🙂
  • The setting. Some of the places that Miles took Susan to sound amazing!


Readers who enjoy contemporary stories with romantic settings and steamy romance will enjoy this read.

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