ARC Review: The Vampire of the Prophecy by Victoria Jayne

Title: The Vampire of the Prophecy

Author: Victoria Jayne

Series: The Prophecy Trilogy – Book 3

Publication Date: Sept. 30, 2020

Synopsis: He’s spent enough time trying to right what wasn’t wrong.

Rori made the choice. Power over love. He will take the throne and be the emperor of vampires. At least, that’s his plan until someone ups the ante.

The threat is clear: back out or risk exposure to humans.

If the Council of Others finds out what they’ve done to protect Divina, it’ll mean the demise of all of them. However, it’s not just her secret that could get out. Witches, shifters, and vampires could be exposed. It’s up to him and his loyal guard to protect them.

Time is running out.

The new ruler of the vampires will be crowned upon the new moon and Rori suspects it’s one of the other contenders for his throne behind the threat.

On his quest to preserve life as they know it and follow his destiny, Rori gets a second chance. If they survive he could have it all: power, prestige, and love.

There’s only one throne. Find out who gets it all.

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Rori, Davina, and Aric are back for the thrilling conclusion to The Prophecy Trilogy. The Vampire of the Prophecy picks up where The Wolf of the Prophecy left off. The trio must work together as threatening videos promise exposure of all paranormals. As the other possible emperors start dying, Rori, Davina, and Aric determine to figure out who is behind the messages and the murders before it’s too late. Will they find the murderer? Can they protect their kind from humans? Are they the vampire, witch, and wolf of the prophecy? Will Rori become the next emperor? All of these questions and more are answered in this captivating conclusion.

This is my favorite book in the series! I love the building suspense and tension, the action, the chemistry-laden romances, and the way the story comes together. The magical training and battles are brought to life with vivid imagery, and the characters are dynamically developed. I enjoyed seeing how each of the main characters developed throughout the series, and their stories end in a great place.

Rori’s character goes through tremendous growth in this book, which I love. He is a morally gray character, and, at times in the series, difficult to like. However, as the series progresses, and especially in this book, Rori becomes more self-assured and focused on his desire to rule and rule well. He isn’t as focused on his unrequited love and seems intent on moving forward. His redemption story is well crafted, and I particularly like his epiphanies about love, moving on, and ruling to benefit others instead of himself.

I also felt that Davina’s character grew. Being hunted and forced to hide with Rori and Aric brings Davina to her breaking point. She has no control over her life, something she has difficulty reconciling throughout the series. In this book, Davina takes control of her life instead of resigning herself to her fate. I like her take-charge personality, and I love the admiration Aric shows when Davina gains this confidence. He isn’t a hindrance, though he constantly resists the urge to fight her battles. Instead, he is her support, and he admires her strength and determination. I think this strengthens their relationship as well as Davina’s confidence.

As this is the third book in a trilogy and not a standalone, I recommend reading the first two books in the series before reading this one. That being said, if you like contemporary paranormal romances with a lot of action and off the charts chemistry, then this is the series for you! Thanks so much to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The character growth. Rori and Davina both grow tremendously throught the course of the series and most especially in this book.
  • The epic conclusion! Powerful magic, an action-packed battle, and relationship resolution make for an epic conclusion!
  • The romance! There are two wonderfully steamy romances in the book, and both are fantastic!

Favorite Lines:

  • Trust. Trust was a wicked thing. He lacked it in almost everything.
  • “It’s time to become something, someone who matters.”

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