Review: The Wolf of the Prophecy by Victoria Jayne

Title: The Wolf of the Prophecy

Author: Victoria Jayne

Series: The Prophecy Trilogy (Book 2)

Page Length: 193

Publication Date: July 2, 2020

Synopsis: Every mistake has its ramifications.

Divina’s rejection leaves Aric’s wolf battling insanity. With their bond new and incomplete, Aric seeks the help of his pack to find her and convince her to give their mating a chance. If he can’t the pain will become too much for both of them.

Rori, pursuing his love, has to figure out how he can give up the throne and convince her that this time he won’t leave her. When Divina calls him and asks him for help, this is his opportunity to mend the fences and fix all that he’s broken between them.

All the while, Divina is tired of the prophecy. Time is what’s needed. Space away from the two overbearing men claiming her. She needs to figure out who she is, and what that means.
In her angst, she does the unthinkable, a human has witnessed her using magic and filmed it.

Together, they must put the past aside and figure out how to mitigate the exposure of supernatural kind to all humans. If they don’t Divina will have to answer for her mistake, which could mean her death or worse.

It was just one spell, one spell that could mean the end of all supernatural kind.

The Wolf of the Prophecy is the second book in The Prophecy Trilogy, a sizzling paranormal romance adventure perfect for fans of Charlaine Harris, L.J. Smith, and Stephenie Meyer.

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My Review:

The second book in The Prophecy Trilogy, The Wolf of the Prophecy picks up where The Witch of the Prophecy left off. Davina left after learning about her bond with Aric. Angry that her choices unwittingly effected her destiny and the prophecy, Davina determines to take control of her fate. On her journey, she meets a mentor ho guides her in the ways of the witch, and she begins to come to terms with the prophecy and her role in it. However, with Rori convinced he and Davina belong together, and Aric (and Davina) in constant pain because of their bond, which future will Davina choose?

One of my favorite part of the novels occurs when Sonia befriends Divina. Sonia is like a female witch version of Yoda. She is skilled and wise and offers Davina direction at a time when Davina feels lost. Also, She has no ulterior motives or desires and truly wants to help Davina.

I have no stake in the prophecy. I gain nothing if you choose the wolf or the vampire. I lose nothing if you choose yourself…I’m offering a chance for you to grow into your inner strength and to harness your power that other will want to exploit. I want to show you how to have control.

For a woman who feels like her life has completely spiraled out of control, Davina is reassured by Sonia’s intentions. Sonia has a maternal quality that Davina needs to help her deal with all of the burdens she has to bear. Sonia’s patience and understanding is good for Davina, and she seems like the only sincere and selfless person in Davina’s life.

Secrets, lies, omissions, and betrayal enhance the plot and also permeate Davina’s life, and she realizes that there is no escaping the prophecy. Davina’s internal conflict encompasses much of the story. She continues to struggle to understand herself, her feelings, and her power. It doesn’t help that she is being pulled in so many directions. She doesn’t know who to trust and which instincts to follow.

The political intrigue and power struggles are explored in more depth in this book. Many characters are vying for power, and treachery, manipulation, and threats abound. There are several dastardly characters that cause much chaos in Davina, Aric, and Rori’s lives. Plus, there is a murkiness between good and evil, which is an interesting concept.

A well-paced, interesting, and steamy story, The Wolf of the Prophecy shocked me at the end. Much more violent than the rest of the book, one character’s actions are quite gruesome and lead in a direction that will be difficult to come back from. I have a feeling that one of the protagonists is becoming the antagonist, and I’m curious to see what happens to the witch, the wolf, and the vampire in the next book. Thanks to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Line:

The best leaders are reluctant, for they know the true eight of what it means to rule.


As this is the second book in The Prophecy Trilogy, I would recommend reading The Witch of the Prophecy (the first book in the series) first. Readers who enjoy urban paranormal romance with steamy sex scenes will enjoy the book.

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