Happy Release Day to Revolutionary by Colleen Cowley!

Happy Sunday, and a very happy release day to Colleen Cowley’s Revolutionary, the third book in the Clandestine Magic series! I adored this series and hope you will too!

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Title: Revolutionary

Author: Colleen Cowley

Series: Clandestine Magic (Book 3)

Publication Date: Nov. 29, 2020

Publisher: Slender Sky Books

Synopsis: In this final book of the Clandestine Magic trilogy, Beatrix Harper is poised to help her sister accomplish an audacious goal. They’re on the brink of winning back a key right for typics that wizards took away—and maybe, just maybe, getting women more rights in the bargain.

But first she has to rescue Peter Blackwell, trapped in a dark-magic coma. And figure out what a former friend is plotting after nearly killing Peter and disappearing. And stay one step ahead of the vice president’s men.

What her enemies have planned is worse than she realizes. Far worse.

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Favorite Parts:

  • The romance. Beatrix and Peter have an epic, swoon-worthy romance!
  • The surprising twists. Every book in this series has an unexpected turn of events!
  • The powerful themes of equality, rights, the influence of power, fear, and more.

Favorite Lines:

“I love you,” he whispered, taking her hand. “Every day of my life I swear I will prove that to you.”

It really comes down to this: Do we have principles, or don’t we? Are we willing to stomach some uncertainty to save people’s lives…or aren’t we?

We all have inalienable right and I won’t impinge on yours’ shouldn’t be a radical idea.

“No one should have that much power over another person,” he said quietly. “If we do…” he swallowed. “If we do, we’ll discover sooner or later that we’re not nearly as good as we think we are.”

“I know you inside and out,” he said, “and I will never stop loving you.”

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