Book Review: Restless Slumber by K.J. Sutton

Title: Restless Slumber

Author: K.J. Sutton

Series: Fortuna Sworn (Book 2)

Page Length: 452

Publication Date: July 2020

Publisher: Once Upon a Time Books, LLC

Synopsis: “Before I met you, I thought Nightmares were creatures of pain and darkness. Why, then, are you constantly seeking freedom and light?”

Fortuna’s entire life has changed.

She has no idea how to balance her new responsibilities and who she used to be. There are hundreds of faeries in her head, her brother seems to have lost touch with reality, and a werewolf won’t leave her side. Maybe the utter lack of control is why her abilities seem to be changing, as well.

Then there’s Collith. Enigmatic, beautiful, and infuriating. Not only a king of the faeries she despises so much, but also her mate. His gentle pursuit causes confusion in her normally unwavering relationship with Oliver.

As a result of it all, Fortuna now finds herself surrounded by new enemies and ones from the past. The question isn’t whether she is strong enough to make change in such a corrupt court.

It’s whether she will survive long enough to do it.

TRIGGER WARNING: This novel contains scenes or themes of rape, toxic relationships, slavery, car accidents, sex, violence, gore, and loss of a loved one.

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My Review:

Restless Slumber is a cleverly crafted, unpredictable story that captivated me from the first pages. Stylistically, I love this author. The writing flows so well, the imagery and dialogue are excellent, the characters are well-layered, and the plot is filled with non-stop action. I also enjoyed the excellent use of symbolism and foreshadowing – fantastic!! I love how the author pulls you right into the story in such an immersive and gripping way and makes you care for the characters.

I also love the unpredictability of the characters and the plot. With so many twists and turns, it’s difficult to predict what is going to happen next, which makes for a gripping read. The plethora of morally grey characters and creatures add to the suspense and makes me constantly question the lines between good and evil. I love stories that keep me guessing, and Restless Slumber certainly does that!

The continued development of Fortuna and Collith’s characters is fantastic! I feel like Fortuna is only at the cusp of understanding her full powers. She is like a well of untapped potential, and I can’t wait to see her when her powers are fully realized. Collith is slowly learning to trust Fortuna with his secrets, and he shares much of his life with her in this book. I love their romance, though it is almost hard to put in words. They have a deep bond even though they barely know each other. They are connected on a visceral level, yet they don’t communicate well. I’m curious to see how their relationship progresses, especially after that epically devastating and shocking ending.

Let’s talk about that ending! Break my heart, stomp on it, then put it back in my chest to horrify and devastate me, only to leave me with a little sliver of hope. My mind is reeling, and I barely want to pause to write this review before I tear into the next book in the series.

The story also has some really cool dream sequences, which grow more and more volatile and disruptive. I am fascinated by this world and the person who inhabits it. What happened to Oliver? I want to know more about his story and reality and am curious if this will be explored in future books.

There are other potential romances in the series, and Fortuna seems immersed in a love square. I find this aspect of the novel interesting, as Fortuna is never really sure who she can trust, and she often refuses to fully give in to her feelings. I’m curious to see how book three addresses the complex relationships Fortuna has with the men in her life.

Another thing I’m really enjoying in the series is that the minor characters are just as interesting as the major characters. Sutton created a world full of werewolves, zombies, witches, necromancers, fairies, demons, and more, each with distinct and fascinating stories. I love that, though the focus isn’t solely on these characters, their stories and world are just as deftly developed and dynamic as Fortuna’s.

This is an amazing, dark, twisted, and well-developed story that I am obsessed with!! I can’t wait to begin the next book and am so thankful to the author for giving me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • Fortuna. What an amazing, layered, and ever-changing protagonist!! Love her!
  • The unpredictability. The story went in several unexpected directions, which I loved!!
  • The writing. The author’s style is so immersive!

Favorite Lines:

The first move hardly matters. It’s the final choices that truly count.

There’s a difference between having power and being powerful.

You may not be the ruler they want… but I think you’re the ruler we need.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.


This is the second book in the series and isn’t really a standalone, so I would recommend reading the first book, Fortuna Sworn, before you read this one. There are also some pretty dark parts in the book, so I would suggest checking out the trigger warnings above.

Want to know more? Check out my review of Fortuna Sworn, the first book in the Fortuna Sworn series.

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  1. Another great review! I’m interested to see what you make of book 3. I loved the first two but am really struggling with #3, I feel like it isn’t making progress but that could be me!

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