Book Review: Accidental Amnesia by Tyler Ann Snell

About the Book:

Title: Accidental Anmesia

Author: Tyler Anne Snell

Series: Saving Kelby Creek

Page Length: 256

Publication Date: April 26, 2022

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue

Synopsis: Someone robbed her of her memory…
To implicate her in murder.

Awakening in an ambulance headed to Kelby Creek, Melanie Blankenship can’t remember why or how she got there. Everyone in town once turned against Mel following her ex-husband’s shocking scandal—except former love Deputy Sterling Costner. It’s been years since they ended their relationship, but now, as evidence mounts in a deadly crime, he’s determined to uncover the person who’s targeting Mel and who won’t stop until she pays the ultimate price.

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My Review:

When Melanie Blankenship awakes from an accident, she has no memory of what happened. Now back in the town she once fled from, Melanie becomes the prime suspect in a deadly crime, and the only one who believes in her innocence is the man whose heart she broke years ago.

Mel and Sterling have a long history, and though they have not seen each other in years, it’s clear there are unresolved feelings between the two. As Sterling, a police deputy, works to uncover the person targeting Mel, he must also protect himself from falling for her again. Can these two figure out what happened to Mel before it’s too late? And will they give in to their long-held feelings for each other?

Accidental Amnesia is such a great addition to the Saving Kelby Creek series, and I loved Mel and Sterling’s story. They are layered and dynamic protagonists with interesting backstories, and I liked how their story fit into the overarching plotline of the series. They have a lovely second-chance romance, and their chemistry is fantastic!

Mel goes through so much throughout the story. Car accidents, amnesia, false accusations, kidnappings, and more plague Mel as she tries to uncover the truth. She’s an intriguing character, and she is a survivor. Ignorant of the horrific crimes her husband committed, Mel is vilified in the community, and she feels tremendous guilt for being blind to what was right under her nose. Though years have passed, Mel is still tormented by what happened, and when her past comes back to haunt her, it seems as if she’ll never be able to move on. It’s clear someone is targeting her, and her life is in constant danger. Her story is intense and suspenseful, and it seems like the odds are stacked against her.

Sterling is everything I love in a romance hero. Smart, protective, brave, and determined, Sterling does everything he can to help Mel. Mel and Sterling have a history that began when they were kids. These friends-turned-lovers had an abrupt end to their relationship when Mel left town with little explanation. To move forward, they must first clear up things that happened in the past, but there’s a lot at stake, and Mel fears what could happen if the truth is uncovered. I really enjoyed how their relationship progressed and grew. And the way Sterling fights for Mel and never doubts her innocence – so swoon-worthy!.

Saving Kelby Creek is a great series, and Accidental Amnesia is no exception. A layered and intriguing read full of unexpected twists and turns, the story is exciting and suspenseful, and there are several revelations that make me eager to read the next book in the series. Kelby Creek is still suffering the aftereffects of the rampant corruption discovered in high ranking members of the community and police force, also known as “The Flood,” and it seems like the more they uncover, the more there is to learn about the kidnappings, murders, and drug ties that seem to curse the town.

Special thanks to Tyler Ann Snell for gifting me a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own


Favorite Parts:

  • The intrigue.
  • The romance!


I would definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy romantic suspense, contemporary romance, or mysteries.

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