ARC Review: The Warlord by Gena Showalter

About the Book:

Title: The Warlord

Author: Gena Showalter

Series: Rise of the Warlords

Page Length: 384

Publication Date: April 20, 2021

Publisher: Harlequin

Synopsis: For centuries, Taliyah Skyhawk has prepared to become Harpy General, leader of the deadliest female army in existence. One of the requirements? Remain a virgin. But, for a chance to save her people, she must wed the fearless leader of the Astra Planeta, Alaroc Phaethon.

The time has come for Roc to sacrifice another virgin bride to his god. There has never been a woman alluring enough to tempt him from his path. No warrioress powerful enough to overcome his incredible strength. No enchantress desirable enough to make him burn beyond reason. Until now.

With the clock ticking, war between husband and wife ignites. Except Taliyah never expected the merciless king to challenge the future she once envisioned. She certainly never anticipated the thrill of their battles turning into games… The problem is, only one spouse can survive.

Love is a battlefield in Showalter’s The Warlord.

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My Review:

Taliyah is a Harpy who strives to become Harpy General, and one of the requirements is remaining a virgin. Roc is the commander of the Astra, and he needs to marry a virgin and sacrifice her after 30 days in order to ascend. Roc all but forces Taliyah to agree to become his bride, knowing the consequences of their union, but he never expects to develop feelings for her.

Taliyah is everything you expect in a badass Harpy. Fierce and fiery, she never backs down. The epitome of strength, she’s a great match for Roc. Rock is so hard and ruthless and vicious, and because of some of his actions at the beginning of the story, I wasn’t sure that I would like him. However, there’s more to Roc than his fearsome exterior, and, as the story progresses, you begin to understand some of his motivations. Of course, the way he feels about Taliyah and the way he treats her further in the story adds to his appeal. His pride and respect for Taliyah are fantastic!

I love how Taliyah and Roc challenge each other. They go head-to-head more times than I can count, and neither is willing to relent. They are both leaders and accept nothing but exactly what they want. They also work really well together, which surprised me, considering they are both natural alphas. Their constant battle of wills (and wits) makes for a ton of sexual tension and really spicy, explosive sex scenes.

Action, suspense, romance, betrayal, gods, Harpies, Phantoms, shapeshifter, and more, this book has it all. I was so intrigued by the different types of supernatural characters, their worlds, and their stories. There’s also a ton of action, suspense, and twists. Plus that romance!! I’m still fanning myself!

This is the first book in Showalter’s new series Rise of the Warlords, and it is a spin-off of her Lords of the Underworld series. Though you don’t need to read the Lords of the Underworld series to read this one, I think it would provide great context and deepen the reader’s understanding of this world and the characters. Several characters from the Lords of the Underworld series make an appearance in this story, which readers of LotU will also love. Thanks so much to NetGalley, Harlequin, and Gena Showalter for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance! Holy hotness, Batman!
  • The twists, turns, and surprising revelations.

Favorite Lines:

Hardness bred strength. The stronger you were, the less you lost.

May she accept what she cannot change and never change what she cannot accept.


This is a great book for readers who loved the Lord of the Underworld series. Lovers of paranormal romance will also enjoy this one!

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  1. I’m so excited for Taliyah’s story! But I still have to read William’s, which I’m even more excited about. I just put The Darkest King on hold at my library so I should get it next week. Yay!

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