Book Review: Tides of Love by Tracy Sumner

About the Book:

Title: Tides of Love

Author: Tracy Sumner

Series: Seaswept Seduction Series

Page Length: 260

Publication Date: Sept. 2020

Synopsis: Gilded age suffragettes and the Southern men who love them! in the Garrett Brothers’ sizzling, small-town trilogy!

An earth-shattering secret revealed in his recently deceased mother’s diary causes harsh words between Noah Garrett and his brother. Desolate and totally bewildered, Noah leaves Pilot Isle and has no contact with his family or even Elle Beaumont, the girl who has been his shadow all through childhood.

Now, ten years later, Noah is a renowned biologist and returns to Pilot Isle to head up a research lab. Coming back home opens up old wounds and uncovers buried feelings. Hoping to have a few days to cope with all the old emotions welling up within him, Noah really isn’t ready to face anyone yet. However, it’s just his luck that the first person he literally bumps into is Elle. The only difference is, Elle is no longer a thin red-headed mischievous imp who is constantly in trouble and always needing to be rescued. This Elle is a gorgeous, passionate young woman who sets Noah’s blood on fire.

Marielle Claire Beaumont has loved Noah since she was a child. As a sad little girl who’d recently lost her mother and couldn’t speak English, Elle met Noah when he saved her from taunts at school. Ever since then Elle has loved Noah unconditionally and followed him around like a little puppy. Her world was shattered when he left so suddenly. His silence all these years has been very difficult, and Elle is stunned when she slams into him so unexpectedly. It’s not long before she’s disrupting Noah’s life again as sparks of passion fly in every direction between the two.

A passionate suffragette. A renowned biologist. Years of pent-up passion and second chances set in the turn-of-the-century Outer Banks…

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My Review:

Elle has loved Noah since they were children, and he protected her from school bullies. Though her fiercest protector, Noah didn’t return her sentiments. Elle’s world shattered when Noah left Pilot Isle with no word or explanation. Now, ten years later, Noah has returned to head a research lab, and Elle must face her old feelings for the man who left so long ago. Sparks fly as they reconnect, but old family secrets and old hurts, as well as some new obstacles, stand in their way.

This is a great childhood friends-to-enemies-to-lovers romance, and the budding relationship between Noah and Elle is chemistry-laden, swoon-worthiness. They are complete opposites. Noah is controlled and reserved, and he thrives on order. Ella thrives on chaos and is exuberant and daring. Noah follows the rules; Elle is a rule-breaker. Elle is in touch with her feelings, while Noah completely suppresses his. He is so emotionally withdrawn that he doesn’t even realize his true feelings for Elle for much of the story. He finds it difficult to identify the feelings that he has worked so hard to repress for years. This leads to a lot of angst and sexual tension!

Elle is a wonderful protagonist. She is so free-spirited and ambitious, but she is often degraded for it. Her father and other men in their small town do not approve of her independent ways and her desire for more. Noah, on the other hand, sees her for the intelligent, forward-thinking, and capable woman that she is. Instead of squelching her uniqueness, he embraces, encourages, and supports it. He treats her as an equal, which is something she has not experienced from the other men in her life. The unconditional love that flows between this couple is strong.

Other connections in the story include Noah’s broken relationship with his brothers. Noah’s brothers and his nephew are fantastic and well-developed, and I love how they work to make peace with the past. Each played a role in what happened to their relationship ten years ago, and I admired their willingness to own it. Though they have a lot to work through, their love for each other is clear. In addition to their sibling issues, each brother has his own torments and struggles, and I’m excited to read more about them in future books in the series.

The story also highlights the complexities of family and how one moment can irrevocably change the projection of people’s lives. Messages of forgiveness, acceptance, listening to and understanding others, and embracing those you love are also prominent within the story.

Tides of Love is a great start to what promises to be a wonderful series, and it is a fabulous book for readers who like swoon-worthy, small-town historical romance with great characters and an epic romance. Thanks so much to Tracy Sumner for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance. Elle and Noah have a wonderful and swoon-worthy romance!
  • The well-developed characters.
  • The great messages.

Favorite Lines:

I still have no fear of the future, I simply loathe the certainty.

You have no perception of the miracle of family. Love is a gift. Not an obligation, not a burden.


Readers who enjoy swoon-worthy historical romance with a wonderful love story and well-developed characters will appreciate this one!

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