ARC Review: Seduced by the Dragon Lord by Kiersten Fay

About the Book:

Title: Seduced by the Dragon Lord

Author: Kiersten Fay

Series: Dragon Lords

Publication Date: April 23, 2021

Synopsis: Trapped in an alien spacecraft through no fault of her own, Jessie Knight is jettisoned into space and intercepted by a mysterious group of soldiers who call themselves dragon shifters. Thrust into a world of myth, legend, and danger, she discovers she may not be entirely human as she begins to develop latent powers that both captivate and mystify her. Placed under the protection of a gorgeous dragon shifter named Orik, she quickly realizes she must conceal her new abilities or be declared his enemy.

No one knows better than Orik Theroux of the King’s Guard that witches are heartless and ruthless killers who must be stamped out of existence. Orphaned by a group of them at a young age, he has vowed to destroy every last witch who crosses his path…until he begins to fall for an exquisite human female who turns out to be more than she seems. When the palace is besieged by witches, he must decide if he can trust Jessie with his life…and his heart.

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My Review:

This is the second book in Kiersten Fay’s Dragon Lords series, and it is as steamy and exciting as the first! The story follows Orik and Jessie and takes place primarily on Orik’s home planet, which is home to dragon shifters and witches.

Orik and Jessie’s personalities are very different, as Jessie is more outgoing and Orik is more reserved and controlled, but both characters are fearless and strong. Like Orik, Jessie is a survivor, and being raised by her military father helped prepare her for the unknown world she’s thrust into. (Though her reactions to some of the supernatural elements are fabulous!) She uses her wisdom and instincts to guide her as she learns about her surroundings. She’s also really adventurous and thrives when outdoors.

Orik, King Tristan’s head guard and brother, is a super hunky alpha male who is inexorably drawn to Jessie. Rugged, handsome, and a fierce protector, Orik isn’t used to having such strong feelings for women, and he doesn’t know how to react to the intense desire he has for Jessie. Held captive and tortured by witches as a child, Orik has much hatred for the supernatural beings. So when Jessie’s power manifests, his feelings for her become much more complicated. How can he care for someone who possesses the magic he hates?

The romance is super steamy, and Orik and Jessie have amazing chemistry. They are so attracted to each other, and there are times when it seems like they can’t keep their hands off each other. Though they try to resist, it’s a struggle. As much as I love their sexy times, other scenes are just as romantic. When Jessie, for example, is wounded, unconscious, and in bed healing, Orik decorates the room with plants, paintings, and other objects that will bring her comfort. I thought this was so romantic and showed just how much he cared for her, even though he struggles to acknowledge it.

There are several other wonderful scenes in the book that highlight the strength of family. June, Tristan, Orik, and Tristan and Orik’s mother are a united front. They support and love each other and show affection easily. They also tease and have fun with each other. They inspire loyalty and respect, and they love unconditionally. The intimate moments that this family shares are lovely and special.

I love that Tristan and June, the main characters in Tempting the Dragon King , have prevalent roles in this story. It’s great to see how June is acclimating to her new role as queen, as well as her new abilities. Tristan and Orik’s mother (love her!) is also present in this book, and I love learning more about her character and her role in helping Orik when he was younger. She is such a good person, and her love for her family is strong.

As in the first book, the world-building in this book continues to grow. Many creatures native to the planet are introduced, as is more of the terrain and foliage, which I found fascinating. Jessie befriends one creature in particular that, though horrifying to Orik, sounds so cute! Jessie’s connection to nature and its inhabitants is strong, and as she discovers this unique planet, the reader is immersed in a vivid and complex setting.

Many conflicts arise throughout the story, most especially the dissension on the planet, and Orik suspects some of the treachery might reside within the castle. The enigmatic witches and other potential threats add mystery and tension to the story, and when Jessie becomes bound to a specific witch, her situation becomes even more dangerous. The quest for power and the threat to Tristan’s rule is serious and puts Jessie and Orik’s life in danger more than once. Now that we know some of the characters behind the deception, it will be interesting to see how Tristan, Orik, and others deal with the knowledge.

This story can be read as a standalone, but I think it would be easier to follow if you read the first book in the series before you read this one. I think readers who enjoy paranormal fantasy with hunky dragon shifters, humans with newfound powers, nefarious villains, and great family dynamics will love this story! Thanks to NetGalley and Kiersten Fay for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!! Sa-woon!!
  • The strong family dynamics.
  • The intigue.
  • The world-building!

Favorite Lines:

Something in the way she moved…the way things moved around her. Like the world was dancing with her.

It is better to let an opponent believe you are weak until the time comes for you to inform them you are not.


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