Book Review: My Highland Champion by Mariam Minger

About the Book:

Title: My Highland Champion

Author: Mariam Minger

Series: Warriors of the Highlands

Page Length: 221

Publication Date: Nov. 29, 2022

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

Synopsis: During the six years David Douglas has trained as a warrior at Campbell Castle, he has looked upon Sorcha as a pampered and pesky nuisance. Sorcha, the beloved adopted daughter of Laird and Lady Campbell, considers David insufferable for both teasing her and infuriating her the entire time she’s known him. Now David must reluctantly accompany her to a royal gathering while Sorcha makes it quite plain she needs no guardian…until her abduction by a powerful Highland clan forces him to set out to rescue the exasperating lass.

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My Review:

My Highland Champion is the fifth book in the Warriors of the Highlands series, and it follows the adopted daughter of Cameron and Aislinn from My Highland Protector (book 2). Now nineteen, Sorcha has rejected many suitors because she is waiting for her champion, a man who will love her the way her father loves her mother. Certainly not someone like the captain of the guard. She and David don’t like each other at all.

David’s been at the keep since he was fifteen years old, and he has always treated Sorcha like an annoying little sister, much to her dismay. But after a six-month absence, David returns to the keep and sees Sorcha in a completely different light. When Sorcha’s father is severely wounded in battle and then summoned, along with his wife and Sorcha, by the King, unable to travel, Sorcha’s father sends David to escort Sorcha in his stead. However, nothing goes according to plan, especially when Sorcha is abducted by a dangerous clan leader. As David valiantly rushes to save his love, Sorcha realizes that maybe the champion she’s been waiting for has been there all along.

I always enjoy a rivals-to-lovers or enemies-to-lovers romance, so I was eager to get into Sorcha and David’s love story. They are so antagonistic toward each other, and yet you can tell there’s a lot of sexual tension between them. The sparks really fly when these two verbally spar! Sorcha and David have known each other for years, since childhood, and sometimes it’s hard to forget childhood antics and mistakes and see the person as an adult. I think time away gave David a bit of perspective, and when he came back, he realized his antagonistic frustrations disguised his true feelings.

Sorcha hides her feelings behind a spoiled and bratty façade and antagonistic banter. She knows she wants the kind of relationship her adopted parents have, and she won’t settle for less now that she’s seen the beauty of a true love match. Like David, Sorcha’s not ready to admit that her feelings for David are the opposite of antagonistic. Watching both characters figure out their feelings is sweet, romantic, and intense, especially considering the dangerous situations they find themselves in throughout the story.

The plot is suspenseful and as intense as the chemistry between Sorcha and David. Betrayals, lies, kidnappings, deadly battles, and more plague the characters, and I was so worried about one of my favorites from a previous book in the series. They all face a lot of danger, brutality, and battle in their lives, and it makes their HEAs even more profound. To find beauty and love in the midst of such turmoil is a wonderful thing.

Special thanks to Oliver Heber Books for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

The romance!


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  1. Ooh, I love a rivals-to-lovers/hate-to-love romance when the antagonistic banter is just a cover-up for all the feelings they have for each other. Really notches up the tension! 😍 This sounds great but I should probs check out the earlier books in the series first so I don’t miss out on all the great connections, huh? Lol. Great review, Julie!

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