ARC Review: Tempting Auzed by Victoria Aveline

About the Book:

Title: Tempting Auzed

Author: Victoria Aveline

Series: The Clecanian Series

Publication Date: July 9, 2021

Synopsis: Alejandra is a survivor. So far, she’s lived through abduction, a near drowning, and being lost in an alien forest. She thought things were finally starting to go her way when the most intense, grumpy, and insanely tempting man she’s ever seen rescues her from a monster. But sadly, that’s just when everything gets even more complicated.

Auzed has his orders. He is to find the missing human and deliver her to Tremanta. Getting caught trespassing in Sauven territory was not part of the plan. Neither was pretending to be the sexy beauty’s fiancé to protect her from forced marriage to a Sauven stranger…but here they are.

Their relationship was supposed to be fake. But it’s not long before they start to wonder if true love and a happily ever after is possible for two star-crossed opposites. And if it is…just how far are they willing to go to claim it?

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My Review:

Tempting Auzed focuses on two characters introduced in previous books in the series – Alex and Auzed. Alex was separated from Lily in the last book, and Auzed is Theo’s straight-laced and serious brother. When Auzed rescues Alex while in Sauvenian territory, Alex lies and says that they are engaged in order to avoid their mating customs. This impulsive declaration leads to many complications as well as the beginning of a possible love affair between Auzed and Alex. Can the pair resist their feelings? Will they stay together even if they aren’t fated mates?

Don’t move! He can’t see us if we don’t move, Sam Neill’s voice echoed through her mind.

I love Alex! She is spunky and funny, and she makes the best movie references. She’s impulsive and quite funny, and I love how outgoing and demonstrative she is. Auzed is a solid, structured, serious, and responsible soldier. He is so used to being in control, and his life has spiraled into chaos since he first met Alex. Fierce and stern and responsible, he is shaken by the turbulent feelings Alex arouses. He and Alex are well-layered protagonists that each deal with internal conflicts. I found this part of the story really interesting. Alex has people on Earth that she loves and misses, and throughout the story she talks about her grief and the pain she feels at never seeing them again. She is very torn between wanting to return home and wanting to stay in this new world with a male who feels more like her home than Earth.

Auzed brings to light some aspects of his world that are interesting as well. Most people on the planet resign themselves to the fact that they will never find a mate. However, Clecanians who choose to remain monogamous to one partner are scorned. This is something that Auzed must think about as he considers his deep feelings for Alex. What would happen if, for example, they committed to each other and then Alex found her mate? Can they both deal with the scorn and rejection that comes with staying with one person? These unique social issues are explored throughout the story and offer an interesting perspective into the lives of the Clecanians.

Now, I love a swoon-worthy love story, and the romance between Alex and Auzed is sizzling! They are opposites in many ways, but they are also very similar, and they are so attracted to each other. I love how their relationship grows and develops throughout the story and how their fake engagement turns into something more. Their chemistry is off the charts – like sit in front of a fan when you read this off the charts! On top of that, their banter is fantastic. I love how Alex teases Auzed and gets him to let his guard down.

I know I’ve said this in my reviews of the previous books in the series, but the world-building is so strong that it’s worth repeating. Aveline creates such vivid and immersive worlds, which only continue to expand as the series progresses. This story takes place in Sauven, a different area of the planet than the other books, and it is fascinating. The author has created new worlds, cultures, social events and conflicts, unique clothing, animals, and modes of transportation. Clecania is so thoughtfully, accessibly, and vividly presented, and the imagery is excellent.

I’m loving this series, and I think this one is my favorite book yet. The characters are compelling, the world-building is unique and immersive, and the romance is amazing! I highly recommend the book (and the entire series) to readers who enjoy steamy sci-fi romance and am so thankful to Victoria Aveline for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!!
  • The world-building.

Favorite Lines:

His whole life he’d always felt needed. Needed as a soldier, as a brother, as a guard, sometimes as a male, but he couldn’t remember ever feeling wanted.

He understood why some people enjoyed doing nothing. Nothing, if done with the right person, was like a balm for the soul.


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