Book Review: Dream Keeper by Kristen Ashley

About the Book:

Title: Dream Keeper

Author: Kristen Ashley

Series: Dream Team #4

Page Length: 544

Publication Date: Nov. 30, 2021

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: Pepper Hannigan is determined to keep any romance off the table—and out of her bedroom—while her daughter Juno is still young. Sure, a certain handsome commando is thoughtful, funny, and undeniably hot, but Pepper’s had her heart broken before, and she won’t let it happen again. Not to her or her little girl, even if this hero could melt any woman’s resolve.

Augustus “Auggie” Hero can’t deny his attraction to beautiful, warm-hearted Pepper or how much he wants to make a home with her and her little girl, but Pepper’s mixed signals have kept him away. That is, until Juno decides to play matchmaker. Her efforts finally bring Pepper into his arms, but they expose the danger Pepper is in. To protect Pepper and Juno, Auggie will have to live up to his last name and prove happy endings aren’t just for fairy tales.

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My Review:

The fourth book in the Dream Team series, Dream Keeper focuses on Pepper Hannigan and Auggie Hero. I was so excited to read about this couple, especially considering how electric their chemistry was in previous books in the series. Needless to say, I was thrilled to receive a gifted advanced copy of the book from Forever Publishing.

Pepper and Auggie have such and intense and sexually charged love story that is equally sweet and steamy. Auggie is so in love with Pepper, and though Pepper has strong feelings for Auggie, she holds back. Her priority is her daughter, and she is a fierce mama bear. Pepper hasn’t had the best life, and she is determined to provide a steady, consistent home for Juno. Auggie is patient and seems willing to wait until Pepper is ready, but it’s pretty clear from the start that Auggie is all in. He wants to be part of Pepper and Juno’s life. He just has to convince the skittish Pepper that she should take a chance on him.

Pepper’s daughter Juno is super cute, and I love her part in getting Pepper and Auggie together. She is a young girl who seems wise beyond her years, and she is super observant. Juno can tell how Auggie and Pepper feel about each other before they even admit it to themselves. She loves her mother so much and wants to see her happy, which is why she orchestrates ways to bring Pepper and Auggie together. And I love that she gets help from Cisco. He so needs his own story!!! Juno, Pepper, and Auggie make such a wonderful family unit, and the scenes between Auggie and Juno are so sweet. I think the scenes that show the lovely connection between Auggie and Juno make him even more appealing to Pepper.

Pepper and Auggie don’t have the easiest of journeys. Pepper’s past relationship, as well as her relationship with her family, left her feeling unsure and unworthy. Auggie’s past has a similar effect on him, and both have to face their insecurities, fears, and trauma. Auggie is a really good man, and though he makes some mistakes and says and does some things I didn’t like, his love for Pepper and Juno is strong. Pepper also makes mistakes in how she treats Auggie, but both characters grow and learn from these mistakes and work toward having a better and healthier relationship, which I liked. Plus, their chemistry is fantastic! They have some steamy sexy times, so get your fans ready!

Something I thought was interesting about the story is that Pepper and Auggie face their angst-filled relationship challenges pretty early on in the story, and then the rest of the story focuses on their growing relationship and the drama surrounding Pepper’s family who is in a cult. Other smaller sub-plots are equally intriguing, as are the secondary characters, most of whom were in the previous books. There are some really interesting story arcs, and I love that the protagonists from the other books have roles in this one. They are all such great characters, and seeing how their relationships have progressed, how their lives have changed, and the part they play in Auggie and Pepper’s story is fantastic.

Though Dream Keeper is the last book in the series, there is so much potential for more stories or a spin-off. The characters are dynamic and layered, there’s tons of drama, and the romance is fantastic! The story is sweet, sexy, and sometimes funny, and I would definitely recommend it and the rest of the books in the series to readers who enjoy contemporary romance with swoon-worthy alpha males, strong women, amazing friendships, and a bit of intrigue.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The characters.
  • Juno!


I would recommend Dream Keepers to readers who enjoy sweet and steamy contemporary romance!

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