Book Review: #Rejected Goddesses by Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes

About the Book:

Title: #Rejected Goddesses

Author: Natalie Watson and Nina Holmes

Page Length: 148

Publication Date: Dec. 17, 2021

Synopsis: “Every woman is a rejected goddess at some point in her life … but it’s okay to be rejected as long as you feel like a Goddess.”— Robyn Ryan and Cat Romano.

I’m Robyn Ryan.
I’m thirtyish and I’m a third-generation caffeinated Irish. I’m a journalist turned baker on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m a mommy to a dog with a huge attitude.
My personal life sucks.

I’m Catarina Romano, shortly Cat.
I’m thirtyish and I’m a third-generation fiery-tempered Italian with a nuclear explosive and overprotective family.
I’m a notorious male-basher. No wonder I’m single.
I’m also an author of the worstseller “Italian Connections.”

We are two best friends in a temporary rut of our lives in Mystic Oak, MA.

Can our ginormous dreams come true in the smallest town on earth?

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My Review:

I’m so thankful to the authors for gifting me an advanced copy of #Rejected Goddesses, a charming contemporary rom-com. The story focuses on Robyn Ryan and Cat Romano, two best friends, as they deal with work, family, and relationship challenges. Robyn has inherited her grandmother’s bakery and is trying to stay afloat when she meets the new Brad Pitt lookalike veterinarian. Cat is trying to prove worth at work while fighting her growing feelings for her boss. Both women are relatable and funny, and I found myself invested in both of their stories.

Robyn and Cat have such a lovely friendship, and their relationship is one of my favorite parts of the novella. They are both strong, smart women who are tremendously supportive of one another, and I loved their individual stories, as well as the story of their long-time friendship. They have been through so much together, including relationship problems, harassment at work, starting over, and more, and their stories are so relatable. They are best friend goals, for sure.

I like that the story has two female protagonists who are so strong and fierce. They are women who have faced difficult challenges, and they don’t back down from doing what is right. They fight for each other and themselves, and they know their worth. There are some really interesting messages about workplace harassment, gender inequality, and standing up for what (and who) you believe in.

Of course, one of my other favorite parts of the story is the romance, and this novella has two! I enjoyed both love stories, though I felt more drawn to Cat’s. They have so many funny and embarrassing moments, and their chemistry is fantastic. Robyn’s love story is sweet too, and I love that they share a past. The secondary characters are fantastic too, especially Cat’s brother and grandmother and Robyn’s sweet dog. Cat’s brother and grandmother are hysterical, and their over-the-top meddling is equally cringe-worthy and funny. Other characters become obstacles in Cat and Robyn’s happily-ever-after, and it’s interesting to see how they deal with these outside influences in their new, blossoming relationships.

#Rejected Goddesses is a quick and fun read with great characters and two unique love stories. It reminded me of a Hallmark holiday movie with its witty dialogue, strong relationships, and quirky characters. Plus, the love stories are wonderful!!


Favorite Parts:

  • The romances.
  • The friendship.

Favorite Line:

“It’s okay to be rejected… as long as you feel like a Goddess.”


This is a fun read for people who like quick and light contemporary romance novellas.

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  1. First, I have to say, those can’t be the author’s real names??? This one sounds fun, so I will add it to my TBR and see where I might be able to find a copy. Excellent review Julie.

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