Happy Publication Day to A Veil of Gods and Kings by Nicole Bailey!

Happy Wednesday and a very happy book birthday to A VEIL OF GODS AND KINGS by Nicole Bailey! This is a great new fantasy/mythology series with a swoon-worthy romance. Let’s check it out!

About the Book:

Title: A Veil of Gods and Kings

Author: Nicole Bailey

Series: Apollo Ascending #1

Page Length: 347

Publication Date: April 27, 2022

SynopsisA god fighting his fate. A prince burdened with secrets. And a romance that could end in flames.

Apollo is a deity… almost. Half mortal and refusing to take his position as god of the sun, he spends his nights drowning out haunting memories and his days avoiding responsibilities.

Until his father forces him into an ultimatum:

Ascend immediately.

Or spend the year mentoring under the obnoxious Prince Hyacinth.

Forced together, Apollo and Hyacinth grapple with their mutual disdain for each other.

But what starts as a kindling of irritation begins to burn into something new. A spark that, if it turns to flame, could incinerate everything they’ve always protected.

A reimagining of the Greek myth of Apollo and Prince Hyacinth, this NA, enemies-to-lovers fantasy series is a whirlwind journey full of romance, intrigue, and enthralling characters. 

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About the Author:

Nicole Bailey is a writer of diverse fantasy series based on worldwide mythology and folklore.

When she’s not writing she’s probably tucked behind a book, on a hiking trail with friends, playing card games with her family, gardening, listening to musical theater, or wishing she was doing one of the above.

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