Book Review: Blood Solace by Vela Roth

About the Book:

Title: Blood Solace

Author: Vela Roth

Series: Blood Grace

Page Length: 575

Publication Date: Feb. 23, 2022

Publisher: Five Thorns Press

Synopsis: If they reunite, a magical war could tear the kingdom apart…

Lio is an immortal Hesperine, but he’s out of time. His Craving for Cassia’s blood is killing him, while an ancient spell and deadly politics keep them apart. His dangerous plan could save them both – or leave the Hesperines defenseless against their mortal enemies.

Cassia is the Hesperines’ secret protector in the human court, sabotaging the king’s every move. But her tyrant father will stop at nothing to make war on the immortals, no matter the cost to his subjects. It’s time for her to come out of the shadows, even if it means sacrificing herself.

Steamy romance meets classic fantasy worldbuilding in Blood Grace. Follow fated mates Lio and Cassia through their epic story of forbidden love for a guaranteed series HEA.

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My Review:

Blood Solace is the second book in Vela Roth’s Blood Grace series, and after the ending of the first book, I couldn’t wait to start this one. Some time has passed from the end of the first book, and Cassia in Tenebra infiltrating from the inside. In Orthos, Lio is suffering from his thirst for Cassia which consumes him. Will these two find a way back to each other, and can they save their kingdoms from war and destruction?

Much like the first book, the world-building in this book is immense. I was so excited to learn more about Lio’s home, and this book delves quite deeply into the land, culture, beliefs, family structures, and history of Orthos. It’s fascinating and impressively detailed and rich with history and culture, as well as some amazing Hesperines. Lio’s family and friends have large roles in the story, and I loved learning more about each of them. His friends, family, and allies are fantastic! They are supportive and honorable, and they are all so dynamic. I like that the characters are as intricately developed as the plot and world-building, and I’m eager to see more of them in the next book. Of course, my favorite Hesperine is Lio!

I absolutely adore Lio! He is so kind and gentle, and he always thinks of others before himself, even when it’s to his detriment, and especially when it comes to the people he loves. For example, Lio suffers so much because of his craving for Cassia’s blood. Sick and weak, he knows he could die without her, but he never wants her to feel pressured or trapped, so he doesn’t tell her about his need. Much like Lio, Cassia wants a more peaceful and allied world, and she risks her life on a daily basis working as a spy against her father and others in power. Determined to protect Lio, the Hespertines, and other allies, Cassia faces insurmountable danger, and the stakes keep getting higher as the series progresses. She has become quite fearless and brave, and her ferocity is to her benefit.

Of course, my favorite part of the story is the romance, and Lio and Cassia do not disappoint! I adore their love story, and the deep and lasting connection they form. Though they spend much time apart, their feelings for each other never waver. In fact, they only seem to grow stronger. And when they reunite… sa-wooon!!! They have such a passionate love affair, and I definitely need more of their story in my life!

This is a great sequel to Blood Mercy and a super immersive read. It’s intense, as Cassia and Lio spend time apart and desperately try to work their way back to each other while trying to halt a brewing war between their kingdoms. It’s also super romantic, as Cassia and Lio reunite under perilous circumstances and fight to be together. I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for Lio and Cassia as they continue on this epic journey!

Special thanks to Vela Roth for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The worldbuilding.
  • The character development!

Favorite Lines:

Don’t ever forget what you deserve.

He and the truth needed some time together so they could become acquainted.

If we don’t let our fears out of their cages, how else can we banish them together?

You only need two things to make something dangerous happen. A curious mind and one book to get you started.


I would recommend reading the first book in the series before reading this one. It isn’t really a standalone.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this review. I remembered I wanted to read this series. I had the first book saved in my KU, but I forgot about it completely! So, thanks for the reminder!

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