Book Review: Taken by the Dragon Prince by Kiersten Fay

About the Book:

Title: Taken by the Dragon Prince

Author: Kiersten Fay

Series: Dragon Lords

Publication Date: Aug. 1, 2022

Synopsis: Prince Khalstorm Belmont lost everything the day his kingdom was destroyed. Imprisoned for a crime he never committed, he dreams of exacting his revenge against the witch responsible, a treacherous beauty who once tempted him beyond reason, only to betray him in the end. When Khalstorm captures her, he discovers his feelings for her are as strong as ever, leading him torn between his hunger for vengeance and his hunger for her.

Celeste Songbird both feared and longed for the day Khalstorm found her. No longer resembling the man she once loved, he is filled with rage and regret…and on a mission for her blood. Temporarily stripped of her powers, her life is at his mercy. Can she break through his ice-cold heart before all is lost?

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My Review:

Taken by the Dragon Prince is another entertaining and exciting book in the Dragon Lords series by Kiersten Fay. Immersive and suspenseful, the story follows lovers turned enemies with haunted pasts and unclear futures.

I really like the world-building throughout the series. It’s such a unique world that includes dragon shifters, witches, and more. Khal and Celeste, the protagonists in this book, go on a long journey, and we see new areas of the world, which are all vivid and interesting. There’s also a lot of suspense and intense moments as these former lovers turned enemies flee from their other foes. The action and fight scenes are epic!!

I liked both main characters. Celeste and Khal have compelling and heartbreaking stories, and a connected and complicated past. Both of them have struggled and suffered tremendously since they last saw each other, and there is no trust between them. However, the chemistry and longing are still there. There are so many unresolved feelings between the two, but secrets, lies, and manipulations are huge obstacles for them to overcome. They have amazing chemistry, and I love their banter. Even when they hate each other, the spark between them is undeniable.

It’s an interesting dynamic, as Celeste is Khal’s prisoner, though he freed her from a previous imprisonment. Khal struggles greatly with his conflicting feelings toward Celeste. Khal’s entire life was shattered when his family was killed, and he was blamed for the murder of his fiancée. Khal knows Celeste was the true killer, and he wants vengeance. Yet, he still has a soft spot for her. Khal spends much of the story confused, and as he gains clarity about the past and what happened to his murdered father, mother, and fiancée, he has to reevaluate everything. Is Celeste really the killer he thinks she is?

Celeste also struggles with her feelings. Raised by an evil mother with vile intentions, Celeste became a pawn in her games. Imprisoned by her own people and used for their gain, Celeste’s life is in constant danger. Throughout the story, she is hunted by more than one enemy, including Khal. I enjoyed her story and hoped that she would find happiness away from her coven’s clutches. I also really wanted her to reconnect with her sister, as I was curious how that dynamic would play out.

I did fall out of the story a bit when it switched back and forth between 1st and 3rd person. I found myself having to reread a few parts for clarification. However, overall it is an entertaining read and a good addition to the series. Special thanks to NetGalley and the author for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The action and suspense.
  • The world-building.

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