ARC Review: The Red Door by Heather Kindt

Title: The Red Door

Author: Heather Kindt

Series: The Eternal Artifacts (Book 2)

Page Length: 246

Publication Date: Aug. 6, 2020

Synopsis: The game is anything but easy… enter the door, defeat the queen, take the jewel from her cold, lifeless body.

After completing the task behind the Green Door, Meg, Brek, and Carter had hoped the most difficult challenges were behind them. Now in an apartment of their own, the three friends plan to tackle the Red Door, a notch up in both prize money and difficulty. The serious cash that comes with finding the object would provide a secure future for Meg and her father.

Behind the innocent-looking portal covered in hearts and twinkle lights is a world where the ruler controls her people like pieces on a chessboard. The teenagers soon discover that the danger is much more insidious, running throughout the land and into the very rebellion that stands against the Queen.

With time running out, they must snatch the jewel and get home safely, or the deceit woven into the game will ensnare them forever.

The Red Door is the second book in Heather Kindt’s young adult fantasy series. If you like mysterious worlds, haunted forests, and giant waterslides, then you’ll love the second installment of the Eternal Artifacts series.

*Due to adult content, the Eternal Artifacts series is not recommended for children under the age of 16.

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My Review:

The Red Door is an exciting addition to The Eternal Artifacts series! After I finished The Green Door, the first book in the series, I couldn’t wait to follow Meg, Carter, and Brek on their next adventure. In this book, Meg, Carter, and Brek’s story picks up as the trio graduates from high school and prepares to enter the red door. As in the first book, if they retrieve a specific object, they will receive a monetary reward. However, the stakes are raised. Now, anyone who succeeds wins double the original award. The intensity level is higher than ever as Meg, Brek, and Carter enter a dangerous and deadly world.

The world behind the red door is so different from the world behind the green door. The Queen has a magical enchantment over her kingdom. Almost everyone in the kingdom of Rushna falls under her narcissistic spell. Those who don’t formed a rebellion and think that Meg might be the key to usurping the queen.

This is such an exciting and action-packed story! The moment Meg, Brek, and Carter go through the red door, they are faced with conflict. From resisting the Queen’s magical enchantment to helping the rebels fulfill a prophecy to dealing with their complicated feelings, this trio sure has their work cut out for them! It’s a bit darker than the first book, and I suspect that subsequent books in the series will continue down this darker and more dangerous path. It makes sense that, as the rewards increase, the tasks will become more dangerous.

I really enjoyed how Meg, Carter, and Brek grow throughout the story. Meg, in particular, seems to have a few epiphanies about herself and how her mother’s abandonment affected and continues to affect her. Brek is becoming more of a leader, and Carter seems to have matured a bit from his experiences behind the green door. It will be interesting to see how their characters grow and change in future books, especially regarding their romantic feelings.

This is a great example of doing the love triangle trope well. Meg is so conflicted in her feelings for Carter and Brek, and, frankly, I am too. She has such a strong connection with Brek, and I think her feelings run deeper than she knows. However, she is also drawn to Carter. There are times in the story when I felt sure Carter was not the one for her, and then I quickly changed my mind as the story progressed. I think I’m just as confused as Meg since both guys are great for her in different ways.

The Red Door is a great book for readers who enjoy fast-paced young adult fantasy with a sassy protagonist and excellent world-building. I can’t wait to see what’s behind the white door! I have a few predictions. Thanks so much to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The character development. Meg, Brek, and Carter are dynamically developed, and their character’s have shown such growth.
  • The unique world. Kindt created another unique and fascinating (and horrifying) world.
  • The action. There is never a dull moment in this story!!

Favorite Lines:

Without you, each man would be a boat afloat on the ocean with no anchor.

about Meg, Carter, and Brek

There had always been a wall between the two of us, one that I’d erected years ago. Brick by brick, I began to build it the day my mom walked out on my dad and me. It kept others from getting too close, to occupy the part of my heart that died when she left. If I opened the door, he would make me love him more, and I’d be left behind again by someone who could smash me to pieces.


(Trigger warning: One character reflects on having sex while under the influence of the enchantment, which would have otherwise been unwanted. This might bother some readers.)

5 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Red Door by Heather Kindt

  1. Wonderful review!!

    I read the first book in the series and liked it, but I don’t think I’m going to read the next one, at least for a while. I am younger, and some things in the green door were a bit much, and I didn’t have any trigger warnings for it.

    1. I think you’re smart to skip this one then. I thought it was darker than the first, and there are parts that I think might be upsetting to some readers. That’s why I added the warning at the end – I figured if it bothered me, it might be too much for others 🙂

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