Book Review: How the Wallflower Was Won by Eva Leigh

About the Book:

Title: How the Wallflower Was Won

Author: Eva Leigh

Series: Last Chance Scoundrels #2

Page Length: 384

Publication Date: Sept. 27, 2022

Publisher: Avon

Synopsis: Finn Ransome is an expert on Lady Luck, which is why he refuses to take a chance on love. Experience has taught him that he’s happier at a gaming table than around people he will, inevitably, disappoint. However, the clock is ticking on his father’s matrimonial demands. But the only woman to catch his eye is a bluestocking who would never consider a rogue like him.

After a disastrous first Season, Tabitha Seaton decided to focus on books instead of ballrooms. She hopes to join the Sterling Society, a collective of the most brilliant, influential minds in London. Except, they will never admit an unmarried lady. Now Tabitha needs a husband, and a notorious, handsome gambler may be her best bet.

Finn and Tabitha are opposites who have no intention of wagering on a love match, and a calculated marriage of convenience solves all their problems–with no risk to their hearts. Once married, however, their potent attraction boils over into a deep passion that neither expected. When a painful mistake drives the new lovers apart, Finn will risk it all to prove a scoundrel and a wallflower are a winning pair… 

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My Review:

This is an engaging historical romance with great characters, strong and relatable messages, and a steamy love story. Finn and Tabitha have a great opposites-attract romance. Finn is a gambler and a rogue who thinks the intelligent Beatrice would never fall for a man like him. However, he needs to marry soon, and Beatrice is the only woman who has caught his eye. Tabitha is very proper and cool, and she is more comfortable among books than at a social gathering. Tabitha wants to join an influential intellectual society to encourage change and ensure that all people have a voice. However, in order to join the all-male society, she must marry. Theirs is a perfect arrangement, and they are both determined to maintain a businesslike relationship when married. However, they fail miserably.

I enjoyed this story and thought Tabitha and Finn had a swoon-worthy romance. I love how supportive they are of each other, boosting each other and showing each other how important and worthy they are. Though they are opposite in many ways and don’t know much about each other’s interests, they both try to learn from and support each other in their endeavors. And they’re so proud of each other! They brag about and defend each other and prove that their feelings are deep and real. Finn continually goes out of his way to please Tabitha and make her happy, and he is so thoughtful and romantic in his gifts and actions. I don’t think he even realizes how thoughtful he is, which makes him even more swoon-worthy! Tabitha, in turn, does the same for Finn, and she shows him he is so much more than he gives himself credit for. I love this, especially considering how hard Finn is on himself and how degrading others have been to him in the past. Tabitha and Finn see each other as no one else does, and it makes for a wonderful romance.

The chemistry between Tabitha and Finn positively sizzles, and their sexy time is steamy! Though they are generally proper in public, especially Tabitha, their private talk is dirty, and the freedom and ease with each other in the bedroom contrasts greatly with how they present themselves outside of the bedroom. Both are totally undone by the other, which makes for some spicy scenes.

Something else I found interesting in the story is how relatable some of the messages are. As I was reading, I noted that some political and social issues the characters talk about and experience aren’t much different from the situations we face today. It’s interesting and exasperating that we are still fighting the same fights today that people fought long ago while a small elite group of men tries to assert control over everything and everyone.

I’m enjoying this series and am excited to read the third book. I think it’s going to focus on Willa and Dom, whose broken engagement was the catalyst for the ultimatum given to the three men. It will be interesting to see how Willa and Dom handle seeing each other again, and I have a feeling their second-chance romance is going to be epic. Thanks so much to NetGalley and Avon for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The social commentary and messages.

Favorite Lines:

Beauty can be misleading. It dazzles us into false beliefs and tempts us to act unwisely. The very fact that it is transitory is part of its power.. We’re tempted to claim it quickly before it dissipates, and so we’re lured into disaster.

Many hurtful untruths can be tucked into the corners of pretty obfuscation.

Lady Fortune isn’t a giant. To win her favor, you must dance, not brawl. And I’m an excellent dancer.

Men can show everyone that they’re pleased with themselves and everyone calls it confidence. When women display satisfaction in themselves, they’re labeled as vain.


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