Book Review: The Last Huntress by Lenore Borja

About the Book:

Title: The Last Huntress

Author: Lenore Borja

Series: Mirror Realm

Page Length: 256

Publication Date: Nov. 1, 2022

Publisher: Sparkpress

Synopsis: Alice Daniels has a problem. Her reflection keeps misbehaving when she looks in the mirror–and the longer she ignores it, the harder it tries to get her attention. On her eighteenth birthday, she learns why: she is a huntress, someone gifted with the power to enter mirrors and the magical world that exists beyond. But with this power comes immense responsibility, for in the Mirror Realm lurks an evil that has infected the human race for centuries: demons. It is up to her and her three huntress sisters–with the help of one handsome and overbearing protector–to hunt and banish this evil one demon at a time, thereby keeping the chaos in check. But when an ancient god pays Alice a visit that turns deadly, it is clear the Mirror Realm is more than it seems, and she soon finds herself in a race against time to save the life–and soul–of the one man the gods are determined to never let her have.

The Last Huntress is a story of redemption and sacrifice, the bonds of true sisterhood, and the impossible, sometimes frightening, things we’ll do for love.

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My Review:

I was so pleased to receive a copy of The Last Huntress, a new YA paranormal romance by Lenore Borja. The story has a really intriguing premise, a great found family, and a unique love story. The story is inspired by and includes mythology and gods and goddesses from several different cultures, and I enjoyed the unique spin the author put on many classic characters.

The story is suspenseful and intriguing, as Alice learns she is a huntress tasked with fighting and defeating demons. Luckily, Alice has the help of three other huntresses. They’re one of the highlights of the novel. They are all so strong, smart, and incredibly brave, and I love the sisterhood they develop. Alice’s story and her journey with her fellow huntresses are filled with twists and turns, and the plot goes in a few directions I didn’t expect.

The world-building, especially the mirror realm is also super interesting, mysterious, and unique. The idea of being able to travel anywhere in the world through mirrors is so cool. I would love to be able to do that, though I wouldn’t want to experience some of the other things Alice and the others go through.

The romance is great too. Alice and Colin have this instant connection and can’t help but feel drawn to each other. Their love story emphasizes the soul-deep bond Alice and Colin share. Alice doesn’t know why she feels so connected to her new protector, but once she realizes what Colin means to her and how their souls have intertwined beyond what she can even imagine, the relationship evolves. There’s a depth to their feelings that’s wonderful.

A story about found family, fated love, mythology, and more, The Last Huntress is an entertaining book for readers who like YA paranormal romance. Special thanks to Lenore Borja and Spark Point Studio for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The friendships.
  • The mirror realm.
  • The romance.


I would recommend this to YA paranormal romance or fantasy romance readers.

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