Book Review: Famous for a Living by Melissa Ferguson

About the Book:

Title: Famous for a Living

Author: Melissa Ferguson

Publication Date: July 6, 2023

Page Length: 320

Synopsis: With her millions of followers, Cat Cranwell is adored around the world. But when an app partnership goes very, very wrong, Cat suddenly finds herself shunned from the community that not only fed her soul all these years but paid her bills. When Cat’s closest living relative, Uncle Terry, offers her a position on his staff at a small national park in Montana to get away from the city, Cat hesitantly accepts the opportunity.

What she doesn’t realize is that as the new social media strategist her goal is to save Kannery National Park from being absorbed into Glacier National Park by boosting the number of visitors. And at least one of her new colleagues—namely, handsome and rugged ranger Zaiah Hudson—thinks social media is the root of everything that’s wrong with the world. Written with bestselling author Melissa Ferguson’s signature wit and charm, this romantic comedy of opposites attract is full of hilarious romp and a romance that will melt readers’ hearts.

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My Review:

A popular social media influencer with millions of followers, Cat’s life comes to a halt when a partnership leads to being shunned by the very community that made her famous. Disgraced and with a potential court case in her future, Cat takes a job with her Uncle Trry in rural Montana to escape the limelight. Hired as a social media strategist for a small national park, Cat is tasked with saving the small park from being absorbed by a neighboring large park. Cat is forced to reevaluate her life, and her quest for healing comes with a lovable cast of quirky characters, an idyllic setting, and a new colleague she never expected to grow feelings for.

At the start of the story, Cat is addicted to social media and lives in a bubble of Instagram-worthy posts. Her entire life is defined by her influence on social media, and every decision is weighed against how it will help her image and enhance her career. But, as her popularity declines, Cat changes. I love that each chapter of the book begins with an Instagram post by Cat, and through them, you see how her influence changes and how her life does too. Her story is relatable, as she struggles to find balance in her life and make a living out of things she loves while not falling victim to the pressures of her old life. There’s one scene where Cat is standing on a dock and debating whether to take a risk and jump into the frigid water, and it’s such a great metaphor for where she is in life. Taking risks and stepping out of her comfort zone is difficult but a necessary part of her journey.

And then there’s Zaiah, the moody, broody, hunky ranger. He is Cat’s opposite in every way, and yet they complement each other well. Behind his gruff exterior is a thoughtful and kind nature lover. He is also a man who hates social media (for good reason), and he helps Cat find balance. I enjoyed their slow-building and burning romance, and their bickering banter and antagonistic attitudes toward each other are comical, as are their attempts to conceal their true feelings.

The found family aspect in the story is also fabulous, and I love that Cat finds a whole new family in Montana. Her roommate Mina is fantastic, as are the other rangers and park employees. It’s such a different world from the fast-paced city life Cat is used to, and I think being welcomed into this group shows her more about the important things in life – relationships, connections, and more. Serena, Cat’s New York bestie is also a great friend and addition to the story, and I like her evolution throughout the story too. Though she is not a major character, she is deeply and irrevocably influenced by what happened to Cat, and it changes the trajectory of her life as much as Cat’s.

An opposites-attract romance, relevant messages, interesting characters, and a fun plot make for an entertaining and enjoyable read. It kind of reminded me of a Hallmark movie in many ways, which isn’t a complaint – I love Hallmark movies and would definitely recommend Famous for a Living to readers who enjoy quick and clean romances or women’s fiction.

Special thanks to Spark Point Studio and the publisher for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance.
  • The found family/characters.
  • The setting.

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  1. This is also on my TBR. I like stories where self-indulgent and selfish people change and grow as the book unfolds. I am looking forward to this one, again, within the next week or so.

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