Book Review: Change of Plans by Dylan Newton

About the Book:

Author: Dylan Newton

Page Length: 368

Publication Date: Aug. 1, 2023

Publisher: Forever

Synopsis: When disaster strikes and chef Bryce Weatherford is given guardianship of her three young nieces, her life goes from cooking with fire…to controlling a dumpster fire. Five‑year‑old Addison refuses to remove her fairy wings, eight‑year‑old Cecily won’t bathe, and tween June is majoring in belligerence. With all this chaos, Bryce jettisons hope for a life outside of managing her family and her new job.
It’s been years since Ryker Matthews had his below‑the‑knee amputation, yet the phantom pain for his lost limb and Marine career haunts him. To cope, he focuses on his vehicle restoration business. He knows he’s lucky to be alive. Yet, “lucky” feels more like “cursed” to his lonely heart.  
When Ryker literally sweeps Bryce off her feet in the grocery store’s baby aisle, they both feel sparks. But falling in love would be one more curveball neither is ready to deal with… or is it exactly the change of plans they need?  

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My Review:

This is the third book I’ve read by Dylan Newton, and all of them have been 5-star reads. That being said, Change of Plans is my favorite so far. I’ve been eagerly waiting for Ryker’s story since he was introduced in his brothers’ books, and I wasn’t disappointed. The story is funny, heartwarming, and romantic, and I adored it!

I think Ryker is officially my favorite of the Matthews brothers. His story is so compelling, and the way he is with Bryce and her nieces is positively swoon-worthy. I love that beneath his grumpy exterior there’s a big soft cinnamon roll. He’s sensitive and thoughtful and a great support to Bryce and her girls. My word, the things he does for them are so lovely. From building forts to arranging tutoring to buying out the local pharmacy for sanitary supplies, this guy is total girl-dad material!

Even as Ryker faces PTSD, anxiety, complications with his amputation, night terrors, and several other issues, he still thinks of others and how to help them. He’s such a layered character, and his journey from a closed-off, reclusive veteran to a more open and communicative man is so fantastic to see. That’s not to say all of his and the other characters’ problems are all wrapped up nicely and happily. Instead, his story, as well as Bryce and her nieces, is a realistic look at growth and healing.

After the tragic death of her brother and sister-in-law, Bryce became her nieces’ guardian. Now, months later, Bryce is juggling single motherhood amidst a battle for custody. I loved her character! Bryce is such a strong, fun, and determined woman, and she has more patience than most people I know. And it’s a good thing because this woman has a lot on her plate. Between work, taking care of the girls, and preparing for her upcoming custody trial, Bryce sacrifices a lot to be the best “mom-like creature” for her nieces. It’s interesting because, at the surface, Bryce seems like a chaotic, hot mess, but if you look deeper, you see how great she is with the girls, how understanding and hard-working she is, and just how much she underestimates herself and her love for June, Cecily, and Addison.

Bryce’s nieces are also dynamic characters with distinct personalities that I totally recognize from the different phases my own kids went through. I, too, had an angsty and snarky twelve-year-old, and I can still remember when my daughter wouldn’t take off her tutu and wings. lol These girls put their aunt through the wringer! Some of their antics are downright comical, and others are heartbreaking, as the girls and Bryce struggle with their grief and the changes that came with the loss. Supermarket snafus’, first periods, frustrating grandparents, holidays that go entirely wrong, and so many other situations are relatable and realistic. I thought Newton did a great job of creating fully realized kids with big feelings and different ways of handling and dealing with things. And I’m thinking I might interject the “hug emergency” into my life. Love it!

And then there’s the romance. Sigh! Bryce and Ryker are amazing together. Both have baggage, and each worries that their life might be too much for the other to handle. But from their very first meeting, you could feel a connection between them. In some ways, Ryker and Bryce are very different, especially in how they communicate, but they actually complement each other well. They both show how much they care for each other in their day-to-day acts and thoughtful gestures, and their chemistry is fantastic! Their love story is gradual, and I enjoyed how this broken and flawed and wonderful couple finds their happily ever after together.

A very special thanks to Forever Publishing for providing me with an advanced copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The characters.
  • The love story.

Favorite Lines:

It’s easy to get lost when all you see is your feet on the path in front of you. If all you’re doing is avoiding the next obstacle, you’ll never find your way out of the forest. At some point you’ve got to find the time to create a map. Pick your head up, figure out where you are and where you want to go.

Whatever good thing I did in the world to deserve a woman like you, I’m damn grateful.


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  • small town

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  1. Ooh, this sounds so good! I haven’t read anything by this author and neither have I heard of this book but I love the sound of both characters. I’m a sucker for those grumpy serious cinnamon rolls and Ryker sounds like a great one 😍 Bryce also sounds amazing. I’ll definitely be adding this to my wish list. Great review!

    1. Oh my gosh, yes!! Ryker is exactly that – I adored him!! And Bryce is great too. They both have interesting journeys, and their romance is so lovely!! I hope you enjoy it, Dini!

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