Book Review: Bring Me Your Midnight by Rachel Griffin

About the Book:

Title: Bring Me Your Midnight

Author: Rachel Griffin

Page Length: 329

Publication Date: Aug. 1, 2023

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

Synopsis: Tana Fairchild’s fate has never been in question. Her life has been planned out since the moment she was born: she is to marry the governor’s son, Landon, and secure an unprecedented alliance between the witches of her island home and the mainlanders who see her very existence as a threat.

Tana’s coven has appeased those who fear their power for years by releasing most of their magic into the ocean during the full moon. But when Tana misses the midnight ritual—a fatal mistake—there is no one she can turn to for help…until she meets Wolfe.

Wolfe claims he is from a coven that practices dark magic, making him one of the only people who can help her. But he refuses to let Tana’s power rush into the sea, and instead teaches her his forbidden magic. A magic that makes her feel powerful. Alive.

As the sea grows more violent, her coven loses control of the currents, a danger that could destroy the alliance as well as her island. Tana will have to choose between love and duty, between loyalty to her people and loyalty to her heart. Marrying Landon would secure peace for her coven but losing Wolfe and his wild magic could cost her everything else.

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My Review:

Happy Tuesday and happy book birthday to Bring Me Your Midnight by Rachel Griffin. Isn’t that cover gorgeous? The story is intriguing too!

Richly atmospheric with an ominous and eerie tone, Bring Me Your Midnight is so immersive. Vivid imagery and descriptions pull you into a magical world and a coven with a lot of secrets. The story follows the coven leader’s daughter, Tana, whose life has been planned out for her. Tana is about to become engaged to a young man of influence in the human world as a means to untie the people. However, when she meets a mysterious stranger and learns more about the island she lives on and its inhabitants, her well-structured and planned life begins to unravel.

Tara’s whole life is turned upside down when she meets Wolfe and learns she’s been lied to by those she trusts the most. It makes her question everything she’s ever known to be true, especially when it comes to her coven and magic. There are some really powerful messages about duty versus desire, love versus loyalty, doing what is right versus doing what is expected of you, and balancing responsibilities with one’s autonomy. Tana struggles throughout the story with all of these, and it’s interesting to see how she deals with these obstacles.

My other favorite character has to be Wolfe, Tana’s main love interest. Wolfe is brooding and mysterious, and he makes Tana question. As he reveals the secrets of the island, his coven, and her life, he and Tana become close, and Wolfe has to reevaluate what he thought, too. I like that they challenge each other. Theirs is a forbidden romance, and the way they secretly meet and do forbidden magic adds to Wolfe’s air of mystery and the intensity of their feelings.

The magic is super interesting too. I love that it is embedded into everything. Their daily lives are filled with magic. Perfumes, makeup, teas, and more have magical elements, and the scene where Tana shows Wolfe how to make perfume is one of my favorites. Wolfe, in turn, shows Tana more complex magic, which is also really cool. There are also two different types of magic, one of which is forbidden, and the coven’s release of magic is affecting the currents. It’s all so intriguing.

I would definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy YA coming-of-age fantasy with forbidden romance, a unique magic system, and strong messages about fear, secrets, duty vs. desire, and control.

Special thanks to Sourcebooks Fire for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The magic.
  • The romance.
  • The messages.

Favorite Lines:

“Hope paves the way for wanting things that were never part of the plan.”

“I’m certain there us not an artist alive who could capture the brilliance of this man. I’m certain I would want to try.”

“That’s the problem with dreams: they are so easy to get lost in and so very difficult to give up.”


  • forbidden romance
  • arranged marriage

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  1. Ooh, great review! I really like the sound of the magic in this but I’m wondering if maybe the forbidden romance might be too angsty? 🤔 This does sound good though and I think I’ll keep an eye out for it regardless, lol.

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