Book Review: The Highlander’s Kilted Bride by Vanessa Kelly

About the Book:

Title: The Highlander’s Kilted Bride

Author: Vanessa Kelly

Series: Clan Kendrick #6

Page Length: 352

Publication Date: Aug. 22, 2023

Publisher: Zebra

Synopsis: Charlotte “Charlie” Stewart would rather don a kilt and ride her horse than simper in a ballroom. But with her younger sister about to be wed, she can’t escape the pressure to be next. A husband has been chosen, and Charlie’s fate seems set. Until an afternoon gallop sends her horse colliding with Kade Kendrick, the broad-shouldered Highlander who was once her childhood pal . . .

As a youth, Kade felt overshadowed by his older siblings. Now he’s a renowned musician whose fame provides cover for his other work—as a spy. Home from his latest mission, he’s annoyed to be roped into attending the wedding of a family friend—until it reunites him with the fearless tomboy who has become a breathtaking beauty. And though his thoughts should be on a new concerto, Kade is soon distracted by rival suitors, a dangerous quest—and the unconventional woman who fills his soul with music and his body with desire . . .

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My Review:

This is a fun and entertaining addition to the Clan Kendrick series. I enjoyed the main romance and characters, and the mystery, though a bit predictable, was still intriguing.

Charlie and Kade have a lovely romance. Once childhood friends, they haven’t seen each other in years. Charlie is still the outspoken and feisty tomboy Kade remembers, but Kade has changed dramatically. No longer a sickly and weak child, Kade is now a strong and talented man and popular musician. He’s also a secret spy. So, when a precious and cursed heirloom goes missing, Kade is the perfect person to find it. But he has to find it quickly because others, who have been promised Charlie’s hand if they find it, are looking for it too.

One of the main highlights of the novel and the series as a whole is the patriarch of the family. I love Angus. He’s so funny. A spitfire, even though he is a pain in the butt sometimes and he is meddlesome and ornery, he also has a heart of gold, great words of wisdom, and he bursts with pride and love for his family and country.

I liked the secondary characters, too, especially some of the Kendrick clan. It’s always great to see what they’re up to. Charlie’s family, however, was difficult to like, and they contrasted the Kendrick’s well. I also thought the mystery of the missing broach was intriguing, as was the curse behind it.

The setting is, as always, a gorgeous backdrop to the story, and I’m determined to one day go to Scotland so I can take in the breathtaking scenery I always read about. The story also takes place during a house party/wedding event. It was so fun and provided ample opportunities for shenanigans and mystery.

Thanks to Zebra for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • Angus!
  • The romance.
  • The setting.


  • childhood friends to lovers

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  1. I agree, Julie, Angus is the best. He always makes me laugh. I am looking forward to reading this one soon. I enjoy this series.

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