Book Review: Clues to You by Claire Huston

About the Book:

Title: Clues to You

Author: Claire Huston

Series: Love in the Comptons #3

Page Length: 342

Publication Date: Sept. 19, 2023

Synopsis: One murder mystery weekend. Two rival sleuths.
They’re looking for answers. But will they find love?

Kate Brannon is delighted to be attending her first murder mystery weekend in a movie-worthy Victorian manor house. Still getting over being dumped, cracking the case would be a welcome boost to her flagging confidence. And the prize money wouldn’t hurt either.

But Kate’s dreams of victory become a nightmare with the arrival of Max Ravenscroft. Smart, enigmatic and annoyingly handsome, Max is Kate’s sleuthing nemesis.

When she and Max are forced to work together, Kate despairs. But, as the investigation brings them closer, she finds being his partner in solving crime isn’t all bad.

With growing suspicions that the game is rigged against them, can Kate and Max beat the odds to find the killer? And, as their partnership deepens, can they find romance too?

A sweet romantic comedy with a cosy mystery at its heart. Perfect for fans of Kathryn Freeman, Laura Jane Williams and Katie Fforde.

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My Review:

It’s always a pleasure to read a contemporary romance by Claire Huston, and I think Clues to You is my favorite one yet! It has an entertaining murder mystery weekend, dynamic characters, and a sweet and charming romance!

Max is Kate’s sleuthing nemesis, and she is so excited to attend a murder mystery weekend without him as he always spoils her time. Imagine her dismay when she realizes not only is Max participating in the weekend murder mystery, but he’s also on her team. Oh my gosh, this pair has the best banter, and the way they transition from enemies to partners to something more is fantastic.

The backdrop of the story is also great – a 1930s murder mystery in an old Victorian manor complete with dynamic and exaggerated character actors that are so entertaining. I would so love to spend a weekend with friends trying to solve a murder mystery like this! Plus, the mystery is intriguing, and the way Kate and Max go about solving it highlights their individual skills and how well they work together. They make a great team! I also like that as they work on their investigation, they also uncover some misunderstandings between them.

Kate and Max have a wonderful love story, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Romantic, funny, smart, and sometimes antagonistic, the pair has amazing chemistry, and they complement each other so well. I can’t say I was a huge fan of Kate’s friends, though. They didn’t really seem to have her back at times when they should have, and their absences and passivity frustrated me. Kate deserved more support and loyalty, though I can understand how torn her friends were since they are also friends with her ex. Friendships are complicated sometimes, and the author shows the many layers of relationships so well. That being said, I think their absence helped to strengthen the connection between Kate and Max and highlighted how devoted Max was to Kate.

I loved Clues to You! It is such a fun and entertaining romance, and though it is part of the Love in the Comptons series, it, like the other books in the series, can be read as a standalone. Special thanks to Claire Huston for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The setting!
  • The murder-mystery.


  • enemies-to-lovers
  • forced proximity

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  1. I’ve done a murder mystery with friends before and just planned another one yesterday. They’re a lot of fun. This book is definitely going on the TBR!

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