Book Review: More Than an Ex-Girlfriend by Remi Carrington

About the Book:

Title: More Than and Ex-Girlfriend

Author: Remi Carrington

Series: Cowboys of Stargazer Springs Ranch

Page Length: 210

Publication Date: Sept. 30, 2023

Publisher: Phrey Press

Synopsis: For Archer, Lettie is more an an ex-girlfriend.

She’s the one who got away. The one he thought he’d spend forever with.

It’s taken years, but he’s finally moved on.

But then he sees her in the donut shop.

Maybe he isn’t as over her as he thought.

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My Review:

Happy Saturday and a very happy book birthday to More Than an Ex-Girlfriend by Remi Carringotn!

The Cowboys of Stargazer Springs is such a charming series, and I’ve been so eager to read Archer’s story. His past relationship with Lettie has been hinted at, and I was so curious to learn what happened between them and if they would end up giving their romance another chance.

Archer and Lettie are both compelling protagonists, their second-chance romance is so lovely. High school sweethearts who haven’t spoken in years, the pair’s relationship is unresolved. Archer doesn’t understand why Lettie broke up with him, and Lettie can’t reveal the secret that would deeply wound Archer. I adored these two and how deeply they cared for each other. Even though they have a lot to work through, they still support and take care of each other during their vulnerable moments. Bigger and more dangerous moments where Archer has to face trauma from his past also reveal the depth of their feelings for each other. Their relationship is sweet, romantic, complex, tender, and funny, and I wholly rooted for them to find their way back to each other!

There’s one scene with a flying roach, and it is hysterical. I could totally relate to Lettie and then Archer as they dealt with this flying invader. A bat got into my house a few months ago, and I swear my husband never laughed as hard as he did when he saw me freaking out over it. But on top of being funny, this scene exemplifies the wonderful connection between Archer and Lettie. Even though he’s hurt and confused, he still puts her fears and needs ahead of his. And even though she is uncertain, she still knows she can depend on Archer. It’s little moments like this that are so funny and sweet while also adding layers to the characters and relationships. I think that’s one of the things I like most about the author’s stories. The characters and relationships are realistic, as are many of the situations and experiences they go through. And steeped in that reality are friends that feel more like family.

I low-key want to be adopted by the residents of Stargazer Springs Ranch. This is such a wonderful group of people, and the found family vibes are strong. Like the other books in the series, the ranch is a great backdrop to the story. When Lettie moves onto the ranch, she sees firsthand how supportive and familial the group is, as she is quickly welcomed into their fold. And the relationship between Archer and the son of one of his rancher friends is just wonderful. It made me adore Archer even more when he showed this more paternal side.

This is the sixth standalone book in the series, and though it can easily be read on its own, the previous books in the series are all great too. I would definitely recommend the book (and series) to readers who like clean romances. Special thanks to Remi Carrington for providing me with a copy of the book. All thoughts are my own.



Favorite Parts:

  • The love story.
  • The found family.

Favorite Lines:

“Bravery isn’t always fighting dragons. Sometimes it’s just picking up the phone.”

“Apart from her, I exist fairly happily, but with her, I’m alive.”


  • second chance romance
  • small town
  • found family

2 thoughts on “Book Review: More Than an Ex-Girlfriend by Remi Carrington

  1. Nice review, Julie. I am not a big fan of flying things in my house, so I’m with you on the bat and the roach. If might be funny when I happens to someone else, but keep away from me.

    1. Exactly!! lol In recent years, I’ve had two bats and one bird get into my house. And once a bird flew into my classroom. All were terrifying and hysterical at the same time. 🙂

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