Review: Love Starts Here by Traci Borum

Title: Love Starts Here

Author: Traci Borum

Series: Morgan’s Grove (#1)

Page Length: 294

Publication Date: March 30, 2020

Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

Synopsis: Feeling her life is at a standstill, Jill McCallister jumps at the chance to visit Morgan’s Grove, the town founded by her great-great-great-grandfather. Eager to discover her roots and do research for a new book, she drives from Colorado to Texas, excited to meet the inhabitants of her grandfather’s legacy.

Jill immerses herself in the charming community, enjoying the residents and their quirky traditions. When she meets the mysterious Rick Wright, she almost forgets she’s sworn off men, but she’s not willing to risk getting too involved, especially since she will be returning home in a few weeks.

When the winter festival kicks into high gear, Jill and Rick are thrown together to work on a project, and sparks soon fly. Although she fights it, Jill can’t help falling hard for his soulful eyes and flirty smile. But as tempting as Rick is, he’s hiding something, and the mystery writer in Jill is determined to discover his secret.

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My Review:

Jill McCallister, a best-selling writer, has recently wrapped up her wildly popular mystery series and is in a bit of a slump. Seeking inspiration, she agrees to write an article on genealogy for her friend’s floundering magazine. In her research, Jill learns the history of her ancestors, the founders of a town called Morgan’s Grove.

Intrigued, Jill travels to Morgan’s Grove and rents an apartment from a lovely woman named Lucille. Jill is there to find out about her genealogy and to write an article about it. She never imagined that she’d find such a wonderful community with endearing citizens, a place that feels like home. And when Lucille’s grandson, Rick, comes home, Jill realizes that maybe by looking into her past, she might have found her future.

This is a wonderful contemporary romance with well-developed characters and an interesting story. The story focuses on Jill and Rick, two dynamically developed and complex characters. Rick doesn’t trust easily, a result of being orphaned at a young age and being very wealthy. Though he seems aloof, he is actually very kind and caring, and he is beloved within his community. He is also willing to work through his own insecurities and misgivings for those he cares about.

Jill is a perfect compliment to Rick. Her enthusiasm, curiosity, and effervescent personality draw people to her. She is also lonely and a bit guarded, much like Rick. They are both kind, helpful, and strong, and they both lost their parents when they were young. Where Rick has a strong sense of home, Jill seems like she is still searching. It isn’t until she arrives in Morgan’s Grove that she feels a sense of home.

Morgan’s Grove is a quaint town with a wonderful array of people. Characters from the librarian, the museum curator, local shopkeepers, and neighbors add to the optimistic charm and personality of the place, and I can easily see why Jill is so drawn to it.

Other than Jill and Rick, Lucille is my favorite character. A well-respected resident of Morgan’s Grove, Rick’s grandmother is a wonderful and intelligent woman who dearly misses her beloved husband. Her character is realistic and complex, as is her relationship with the other characters in the story. I particularly like her relationship with Jill. They have a bond almost upon meeting. It is clear that Jill has brought some light into Lucille’s life at a time when she needed it, and Lucille is the mother-figure that Jill is missing. Their friendship is a highlight of the novel.

This is a sweet and clean story with a slow-burning romance and an interesting plot-line that includes themes of family, community, and starting over. Thanks so much to the author for giving me a copy of this heart-warming contemporary romance. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!


Favorite Parts:

  • The love story, of course. Jill and Rick have a wonderful slow-burning romance that advanced the plot well.
  • The relationship between Jill and Lucille. It is warm, sincere, and affectionate.
  • The corgis! Gracie and George aren’t a huge part of the story, but their little personalities are fantastic! I loved the joviality they brought to the book.

Favorite Lines:

“Fame was a funny thing, like a puff of smoke, tangible for a fleeting moment, but then disappearing as though it had never happened.”


Readers who like well-crafted contemporary romance novels will love this enjoyable story.

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