Review: Her Wicked Marquess by Lisa Torquay

Title: Her Wicked Marquess

Author: Lisa Torquay

Series: Imperious Lords (Book 4)

Page Length: 222

Publication Date: Sept. 28, 2020

Synopsis: Can there ever be real love between a powerful lord and the actress he took as a mistress?

A year ago, Hester Green’s fascination with Lord Worcester led her to accept his proposition to be his mistress, her first foray into the delights of the bedroom. And what delights! Every time they spent the night together, he made her even more addicted to his prowess. But now the gossipmongers are abuzz with his impending betrothal to a duke’s daughter. That is too much to swallow, and she severs their liaison even though it wrenches her insides to do so.

Drake, the Marquess of Worcester, has no intention of bending to his mother’s manipulation. Even less marry the girl the dowager spread rumors as being his intended. And he has zero intention to allow it to damage a perfectly convenient arrangement with the woman he can’t get enough of. But Hester moves out of the house he bought her—and out of his life. He’ll find ways to keep her close, though the woman is revealing to be more of a rebel and less of the meek mistress she once was.

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My Review:

For over a year, Hester, a skilled actress, has been Lord Drake Worcester’s mistress. Hester is a strong woman who is used to being independent. She doesn’t like being under the thumb of a man, but her feelings for Drake are too deep to ignore. However, when she hears gossip about Drake’s betrothal, she quickly ends their arrangement.

Drake is devastated when Hester ends their relationship. Happy with their arrangement, he tries to convince Hester that the betrothal rumor is just idle gossip, but Hester’s resolve won’t budge. Drake is in love with Hester, and though he doesn’t realize it for the majority of the novel, his fierce determination to protect her and be with her speak louder than his words. Can this couple put their reservations and social expectations aside and embrace the love that they share?

I love that the story is based on two unconventional people with an equally unconventional relationship. Hester is ahead of her time, especially in her beliefs about social class and the treatment of women, and Drake seems to echo her sentiments. Their beliefs contrast with the rigid social standards and expectations that are imposed upon them. However, they both struggle with their feminist ideals and the reality of their lives. I enjoyed watching Hester and Drake breaking down barriers and slowly realizing their true feelings. They have fantastic chemistry, and their desire for each other is palpable.

Several other obstacles stand in their way, including a meddlesome, elitist mother and a lecherous and abusive antagonist. Between these unsavory characters, the societal issues, and their conflicted feelings, Hester and Drake have many challenges to face. The plot becomes even more intriguing when Hester’s well-being is threatened, and Drake does everything he can to protect her.

I enjoyed Her Wicked Marquess. It is a unique Regency romance with strong-willed characters and an interesting plot. Thanks so much to the author for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance, of course! Hester and Drake have a steamy, chemistry-laden love story!
  • Themes of standing up for what you believe in and fighting for love.
  • The progressive ideals of the main characters.

Favorite Line:

Her irreverence might blow him to pieces. And he’d go happily up in the air if only he could look at her one last time.


Though this is the fourth book in the series, it can totally be read as a standalone. Readers who enjoy steamy historical romance will love Her Wicked Marquess.

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