Book Review: Crave by Kat Kinney

Title: Crave

Author: Kat Kinney

Series: Blood Moon, Texas Shifter

Publication Date: Oct. 5, 2020

Synopsis: Lacey Blair had no idea about the existence of vampires and werewolves until a freak accident left her infected with lycanthropy. As a result of that night, Dallas Caldwell was banished from the pack and Lacey was left to fend for herself in a world of shapeshifters.

Ten years later, she runs the best cupcake shop in the Texas Hill Country, hunts the undead by night, and searches tirelessly for a cure for the blackouts her mother now suffers after having her memory erased by the werewolf council. The one thing she doesn’t have time for? Untangling the feelings still simmering between her and a certain ex turned best friend.

Dallas Caldwell already destroyed one life. When you’re the son of the pack Alpha, mistakes don’t just mean consequences. They mean exile. Back in Blood Moon at last, Dallas has resolved to stay away from Lacey Blair for her own good.

But when Lacey is attacked by vampires and targeted with a slow-acting biologic agent that prevents her from shifting, she and Dallas will have to team up to find out what exactly she’s been infected with—and whether this new weapon developed by the undead could pose a threat to the entire pack.

CRAVE is part of the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series. Sizzling hot romance. Guaranteed HEA. 

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My Review:

Crave is the second book in the Blood Moon, Texas Shifters series and follows Dallas and Lacey, lovers-turned-best friends. Dallas and Lacey have a complicated past. When they were in high school, Dallas accidentally turned Lacey into a werewolf. Beaten and exiled, Dallas didn’t have any contact with Lacey for years, but he never lost his love for her.

Now best friends, their feelings are as strong as ever, but many obstacles stand in their way. However, when Lacey is attacked by vampires and wounded with some kind of biological agent, Dallas and Lacey must work with the rest of the Caldwell family to figure out the vamps motives and protect the pack. Will Dallas and Lacey stop the vampires that threaten them? Will they ever move on from the past and embrace their future together?

This is a well-developed and intriguing forbidden romance! The story, like Dark, highlights the importance of dealing with the past, facing one’s inner struggles, and embracing love. I also love how the book stresses the importance of mental health. Dallas, for example, has so much built up guilt for his actions as a teenager, and he has yet to forgive himself. With his brothers’ and Lacey’s guidance and his own acknowledgment of his unresolved issues, Dallas seeks out and embraces counseling.

Some memories we cradled in cupped hands, savoring every sunbeam, first kiss and warm press of a palm in dread of the day they would inevitably spill like sand between our fingers. Others we found a way to heal from, facing down unspeakable nightmares worse than any army of the undead. But some memories were like tiny fragments of glass, so deeply imbedded they would never form scars. I’d fractured something that could never be made whole that night. And I would never stop paying for it.

The dynamic between the Caldwell brothers continues to develop, and I love seeing how strong their connection is. Though they might not always see eye-to-eye, it is clear that the loyalty toward the family is unbreakable. I also like that Ethan and Dallas face their issues and try to move forward. They have a lot of baggage that spans decades. It will take a lot of work, but both men seem determined to forgive and move on.

This book further made me question the Caldwell father’s motives when the boys were in their teens. Why did he keep his sons away from the women they loved? We did he act so abusively toward Dallas? Though his past is explained, I still don’t understand his rationale, as it only seemed to have detrimental effects on everyone. I have a feeling that his past will be explored further in future books, and the reasons for his actions will become clear.

Of course, the romance is my favorite part of the story. Dallas and Lacey have great chemistry and a deep bond, and their forbidden friends-to-lovers romance is wonderful. The story is told from both of their perspectives, and it is clear that they deeply love each other and know each other well. They’re fun and funny, and their texts and constant pranks on each other are hilarious. They’ve been through so much, and they are so much better together than apart. Plus, they are both amazing in the kitchen, and their delicious-sounding meals and desserts had my mouth watering!

The conflict between werewolves, vampires, and humans is also intriguing and complex, and I’m curious to find out more. Where is Dallas’ dad? He’s been missing for eighteen months. Why are the vampires targeting werewolves? Who is the mole in the were community? There are so many questions that I want answered, and I can’t wait to read the next book in the series! I’m so loving this paranormal romance series and am thankful to Kat Kinney for providing me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!! Dallas and Lacey have a history, and their chemistry is great!
  • The world-building. This is a cool world similar to ours except vampires and werewolves are known to humans.

Favorite Lines:

Love was about as permanent as sand trickling between your outstretched fingers. The tighter you tried to hang on, the faster it slipped away.

The problem with history was that for those lucky few, it forged a bond no one new had any hope of cracking…but sometimes roots grew so knotted and tangled it was impossible to break free without destroying you both.

Everyone was good at something. The trick in life was figuring out what your something was.


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