ARC Review: Triad by Brittany Weisrock

About the Book:

Title: Triad

Author: Brittany Weisrock

Publication Date: April 6, 2021

Publisher: Lake Country Press 

Synopsis: Athena Whiteridge, born into a powerful prophecy, along with her brothers, Anders and Atlas, form the Triad. Set to rule as Alpha of her pack, this wolf has a secret—Athena possesses abilities to manifest fire, capable of shifting into more than a mere wolf.

On a mission, Athena is rendered dumbstruck by an unsuspecting human, Kalen Ryan. All her strength and skills can’t save her from falling for him. Except—wolves don’t take humans mates. Without understanding their intense connection, the pair leave club Zephyr.

Forced to face a council of leaders and her family, Athena must explain how Kalen is beyond the Barrier and in the Unseen. In attempts to fend off concerns—Athena uncovers her father, Cyrus’s deceit and treachery that runs deep. The trouble is only beginning. . .

Join the Whiteridges, as they navigate betrayal, love, and battle an ancient evil in a race to save humanity and the Unseen.

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My Review:

Triad follows Athena Whiteridge and her brothers, supernatural siblings charged with protecting the human and supernatural world. One night on patrol, Athena meets Kalen, a human and her mate. Instantly aware of the strong bond, Kalen goes with Athena and her brothers back to the Unseen and must deal with the ramifications of taking a human mate – something that is unheard of.

While dealing with her new role as a mate, Athena must also juggle being the Alpha, a daughter, a sister, and a leader to her people. Plus, supernaturals and humans have gone missing, and there are rumors that an ancient enemy has resurfaced. Athena determines to do whatever it takes to solve this mystery, protect her people, and embrace the role she is destined for.

I love Athena! Fierce, loyal, proud, and strong, Athena, or Thea, is the epitome of an Alpha, and I loved her character growth throughout the story. She is a natural leader, and her ability to think of the big picture while dealing with endless day-to-day pressures is amazing. I love her fierce and fiery spirit, her honorable intentions, and her immense loyalty to those she loves. Bold, self-assured, and valiant, Athena goes through so much in the story, from love to loss to heartache, and her story is fantastic!

I am Athena Whiteridge, Alpha of the Triad, born of fire and wolf under a blue moon. I belong to no one unless I choose to. I choose. My future doesn’t get to be decided for me.

One of my favorite parts of the novel is the fantastic sibling relationship. Athena and her brothers Anders and Atlas are the Triad, and they are destined for greatness. This puts a lot of pressure on the trio, but they manage it with maturity and determination while still embracing the lighter and less stressful parts of life. Their easy banter, teasing, and tendency to annoy each other are so realistic and show a long and strong bond. I love that Athena’s family life is filled with love and respect, and I love how she and her brothers work together as a unified team. Even when the siblings don’t agree, they always support each other and have each other’s backs. One’s weakness is the other’s strength. Their personalities are distinct and unique, and they complement each other well.

And then there’s Kalen. Sweet, sweet Kalen. I think he’s my favorite character in the novel. Kind, compassionate, creative, and really introspective, Kalen isn’t your typical alpha male love interest. The man is smart, caring, gorgeous, and wonderfully hunky – what’s not to love? As a human new to the supernatural world, Kalen goes through a lot in this story, and the way he handles everything, with grace and without prejudice, is impressive. I love how naturally he fits into Athena’s life. He becomes fast friends with Anders and Atlas, and his easy, affable, and wise attitude towards life endears him to everyone. Most of all, I ADORE the way he talks about and treats Athena as if nothing is as important as her. He respects and appreciates her and shows how much he cares in so many ways.

I care about Athena. For who I know she is and will learn to be, not for what she can or can’t do for me.

Kalen and Athena have an amazing love-at-first-sight, fated-mates romance, and I am totally here for it!! I love the fated-mates trope in romance, and Kalen and Athena take it to the next level!! They have a deep and passionate bond, and their relationship is very intense. Because they are fated mates, their feelings and impulses are almost uncontrollable, which leads to some very steamy scenes. Sa-woon!!! I love how close they grow, how much they care for each other, and how they work as equal partners in all that they do. Above all, their romance is… well, romantic. Swoon-worthy. Epic.

You are the light in my dark.

Other characters in the novel are intriguing as well. Athena has a tendency to rescue people in need, and this includes two vampires. Lincoln is young and funny and feels he has much to prove, and Colin is old and has a fascinating past that connects him to Athena. I’m curious to see where their stories go and have a feeling their characters are going to be an integral part of the next book.

The mystery surrounding missing humans and supernaturals is another intriguing element in Triad. Who is kidnapping them? What are their motives? Has the ancient demon Xercarus returned? Can the Triad defeat Xercarus? The plot is filled with twists and turns, which lead to an epic and shocking conclusion.

The supernatural elements in the story are really interesting too. With vivid descriptions and powerful imagery, Weisrock created a unique and immersive world. Vampires, wolf shifters, dragon shifters, demons, and more have integral roles in the story, and it’s fascinating to learn the hierarchy and systems of their society. It’s also cool to see all the different powers the characters have and how these powers change as the story progresses.

I loved so much about Triad – the romance, the strong family bonds, the suspense, the action, the love, the heartbreak, and that amazing and shocking ending! Did I mention the fantastic (and steamy) romance? I so enjoyed the story and can’t wait to read the next book in this series!!! Thanks so much to Brittany Weisrock for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • THE ROMANCE!!!! It is positively swoon-tastic!!
  • The sibling relationship. Athena, Atlas, and Anders have a wonderful relationship!
  • Kalen. I just loved his character and can’t wait to find out what happens to him in the next book.
  • Did I mention the romance? lol

Favorite Lines:

An Alpha to the very end. Always looking out for the little guys.

There was no turning back for me now. If Kalen was the sun, I was hurling toward him like Icarus.

You belong among the stars. They were made for you.

I don’t own you. I say you’re mine because you let it be so.


Triad is a great story for readers who like fantasy and urban fantasy, as well as romance. Readers who like epic love stories and shifter romance will also enjoy this book.

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