Book Review: Perfect Form by Britney Bell

About the Book:

Title: Perfect Form

Author: Britney Bell

Series: Texas Tornados

Page Length: 114

Publication Date: June, 2020

Synopsis: Rub me the right way.

Tyler Beckett is no stranger to pressure as the Texas Tornados’ quarterback. He’s used to the man’s world that the team has surrounded him with, but when his coach changes plays and sends him a little surprise to work with him and on him, it’s a whole other level of pressure. Suddenly, his back is not the only body part he wants rubbed down.

Jordan Shipman has built her business from the ground up, literally by her hands. Being an in-home service massage therapist has its challenges. Her biggest challenge yet, Tyler Beckett, and helping him get back on the field in time. She’s a little thing, but her hands pack a great punch. Tyler can handle a hit on the field, but Jordan has him moaning on her table.

Both are strong willed with a need for success. Will their personalities clash, or will they collide? Can they work together and achieve the success that they desire?

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My Review:

This short novella follows Tyler and Jordan, a football player and a masseuse, as they work together to heal his injury and quickly fall in love.

Tyler and Jordan’s story is filled with sexual tension and chemistry. Even when they don’t know each other and see each other from afar, they feel the pull of attraction. This insta-attraction and insta-lust lead to some sexy and explicit massages and sex scenes. Seriously, get a fan because you’ll need it as you read this story!

Tyler has a lot of pressure put on him, and he puts a lot of pressure on himself. The expectations for success are high, and Tyler has many people depending on him. His family also pressures him, albeit in a more delicate way, but it is clear that his mother and sisters want to see him settled down with someone he loves.

Though Jordan doesn’t feel pressure from others, she puts pressure on herself. As a private, traveling masseuse, she has a lot of responsibility, and her livelihood is completely, and literally, in her hands.

Tyler is used to being liked for his popularity, his influence, and the fame of being a star quarterback. He has few close friends, and it is rare for him to meet someone who doesn’t know who he is. Meeting Jordan is a pleasant surprise for Tyler, as she is not a football fan. Jordan’s never seen or heard of Tyler, and she isn’t affected by his status. I think this helps Tyler let his guard down when he is with Jordan, and it probably helps with the progression of their relationship. Of course, the sizzling sexual chemistry doesn’t hurt either.

This is a quick and spicy romance with some pretty explicit (and spicy) sex scenes. I do wish the characters and their stories were a bit more developed, and the occasional stilted dialogue threw me off at times, but I think readers who enjoy contemporary sports romances will enjoy this novella. Thanks so much to Britney Bell for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Part:

The romance. Jordan and Tyler’s sexual chemistry is off the charts, and their relationship is super-steamy!


This is a good read for people who like quick and steamy insta-lust romance. Readers who enjoy contemporary, sports romance with spicy sex scenes will also enjoy this novella.

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