ARC Review: Like a Boss by Anne Harper

About the Book:

Title: Like a Boss

Author: Anne Harper

Series: Accidentally Viral

Publication Date: April 19, 2021

Publisher: Entangled: Amara

Synopsis: Antonella “Nell” Bennett is having the worst day of her life.

Long-term boyfriend broke up with her? Check.

Drove through the pouring rain to a small roadside restaurant, only to be told all the tables were reserved for “Couples Night”? Check.

Definitely no longer one half of a couple? Check.

So maybe she got a little heated with the restaurant’s host, and maybe her voice carried a bit as she lamented—loudly—that she’s never anyone’s “plus-one.” At least an attractive stranger comes to her rescue, inviting her to be seated with him, and when it turns out to be one of the best nights she’s had in a while, even ending in an innocent kiss that becomes anything but? Check please.

Fast forward a week, and Nell’s rant has gone viral. Sure, her tiny hometown of Arbor Bay is collectively buzzing over their latest Internet celebrity, but Nell’s no stranger to attention. Drama seems to follow her whether she likes it or not.

But even she never expected to show up to work only to discover her brand-new boss is a very familiar face…

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My Review:

Like a Boss is a fun and charming rom-com with wonderful characters and a lovely slow-burn romance. Nell is a fantastic protagonist and my favorite character in the book! She has an endearing personality that easily wins people over. Flirty, passionate, and fun, Nell has strong opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them. Her character is dynamic and well-layered, and I like that she reveals her fears and frustrations, as well as her strengths and successes.

When a video of Nell goes viral at the start of the story, her vulnerability is exposed for all the world to see, and I like how she handles the unwanted fame. I also like that this video reveals how strong and independent she is. Nell is a good friend, a hard worker, and she has this effervescent quality that is irresistible, especially to her new boss and potential love interest.

Quinn is new to Arbor Bay, but he fits right in with the locals well, especially Nell’s friends and family. He’s a fabulous leading man, and I love his intellect, kindness, and determination to do right by his son. Quin is starting over and hopes that Arbor Bay is the perfect place for a fresh start.

New to town and trying to find a home for himself and his young son, Quinn isn’t looking for a relationship, but he finds it hard to resist the bubbly and infectious Nell. This pair has amazing chemistry, and they are so drawn to each other. They connect and fit so well together, and it’s fun to follow them as they slowly realize the depth of their feelings.

Nell’s family and her two closest friends are wonderful and another part of the story that I adore. Boisterous and nosy, loyal and funny, Nell’s siblings and parents highlight the unbreakable bonds of family. Nell’s family is super supportive, and they always have her back. I love that Nell has so many people that love and support her, and her strong ties to them and her community say a lot about her priorities.

The small-town of Arbor Bay, where everyone knows everybody else, adds so much charm to the story. It’s also the perfect setting for the slow-burning romance between Nell and Quinn. Nell and Quinn’s story shows how wonderful it is to live somewhere where everyone knows and cares for each other, and it also shows how invasive and annoying it is at times. Like the characters, the town is realistically portrayed and unique!

This is a fun rom-com that I so enjoyed reading. It’s the perfect book for readers who like great characters, witty banter, a quirky small town, and a wonderful romance. Thanks so much to Entangled Amara and Anne Harper for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!! Nell and Quinn have amazing chemistry, and I adored their love story.
  • Nell’s family. They are fun and supportive and add a lot of charm to the story.
  • The small-town charm.

Favorite Lines:

Arresting jawline. Arresting. Nell had read that description in a book once and now was seeing it out in the wild. The man could slice butter for grits with how defined it was.

When life gives you lemons, you either accept your fate and drink bitter lemonade or you say screw it and add in some vodka.

Life is messier than it is anything else. It catches you off guard, it’s loud, and it has a funny way of making us realize beautiful moments were beautiful only after they’ve passed.

I’m here to tell you that the world failed you the moment you felt less than because of something someone else said.


This is a great story for readers who like light and charming contemporary romances and rom-coms with fun and relatable characters.

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  1. This one sounds like a cute read! I also enjoy reading about towns like the one in this book so I will definitely be checking the book out. Great review!

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