ARC Review + Giveaway: Faye and the World’s End by Nicole Bailey

About the Book:

Title: Faye and the World’s End

Author: Nicole Bailey

Series: Faye and the Ether

Publication Date: April 27, 2021

Synopsis: There is no escape from the storm that’s coming.

After last summer’s battle, Faye resents the reverence shown to her and wishes to blend in. Yet, to the Ether, she’s a beacon of hope.

As the heavy clouds of war roll in, that hope is needed more than ever.

When Typhon’s forces unexpectedly wipe out an entire race, the stakes rise higher than ever before. It falls to Daron and Faye to form necessary alliances and prevent their world from being crushed under the lashing fury of mayhem.

The drums of war have sounded. Death will show no mercy as it claims the fallen. To save the Ether, a sacrifice must be made. Can Faye protect all she holds dear? Or will she pay the ultimate price for leading her world into a battle it can’t win?

The adventure continues in Faye and the World’s End, the highly anticipated third installment of the Faye and the Ether Series. Author Nicole Bailey blends fairy tale magic with jaw-dropping young-adult fantasy in this masterpiece sure to leave readers gasping for more!

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My Review:

In Faye and the World’s End, the third book in the Faye and the Ether series, Faye has become a symbol of hope. Her feats are known far and wide, and though Faye is uncomfortable with the adoration, she is revered. However, as war looms, Faye faces the most difficult challenges yet, and she knows it will take all that she has to succeed. Faye and Daron must enlist the help of other magical beings if they want to defeat the evil Typhon and his allies, but how will they win when the odds are stacked against them?

The story addresses some interesting and thought-provoking questions: What would you do to protect the innocent? What would you sacrifice to protect those you love? Can one person affect change? Can people put aside preconceptions and judgments for the betterment of all?

The role you find yourself in is not well designed with blending in. Perhaps it may be easier to accept the path you’re on instead?

Like the other books in the series, this book alternates between Faye and Daron’s points of view. Both characters still struggle with the aftereffects of battle and fears of future war. They worry for themselves and those they love, and they know that war will change everything. I love that we get both perspectives, which are distinct and unique from each other. Faye and Daron look at things differently, and their processes of coping, handling precarious situations, and dealing with life, in general, aren’t usually the same. Bailey does a wonderful job of crafting two distinct and strong voices, which made it easy to switch perspectives.

As Faye, Daron, and the rest prepare and train for the upcoming war, deadly revelations, tentative allies, and many political issues complicate and exacerbate their lives. Faye has a heavy burden on her shoulders, and she finds it difficult to reconcile her turbulent feelings, especially considering she is about to head into battle against a member of her family. She knows she must make many sacrifices, and the pressure is immense. Luckily, Faye has a phenomenal support system. The loyalty that Faye found in Daron, Alec, and Telanes is absolutely fantastic and shows that sometimes friends turn into family.

I would give you the world if I could.”

“You’ve given me yourself. That’s the world to me.”

The romances are so lovely and still one of my favorite parts of the story. Daron and Alec are relationship goals, and I adore them!!! The depth of their feelings and the tender moments that they share are beautiful. I love that these strong, independent warriors found each other in the midst of such chaos and potential tragedy. Their love is like a shining beacon during a dark and ominous time, and I love how their romance progresses. There’s also another romance blossoming, much to Alec’s dismay, and it’s interesting to see how his sister deals with an overprotective brother and a family with goals that differ from hers.

Though Faye had a bit of a love triangle in the last book, she is better able to understand her feelings in this book. I love, love, love her choice, though, in my opinion, there was no choice. The male that she chose is loyal and solid and deep, and he proves his loyalty and love for Faye over and over again. He is committed to her before they ever commit to each other, and his unconditional devotion to her is everything!! I’m dying to know what her love interest said to Faye when they were in the hotel in the human world. Though she couldn’t understand his words, I have a feeling he said a bunch of super romantic stuff that would leave me swooning!!

I didn’t understand the words you were speaking, but words are only a small part of communicating. I understood the heart of what you said.

The sensory language throughout the story focuses quite a bit on the weather, which often reflects the mood of the story or the characters. This vivid imagery adds so much to the setting and tone, as well as the character development, and is one of the strengths of the story. Bailey creates such immersive and well-developed worlds, which are unique yet familiar. I continue to be fascinated with the magic system, the usefulness of the Ether, and the variety of unique places Faye, Daron, and the others visit. Whether it’s traveling to the human world, visiting the faeries home, preparing for battle, or spending time with family, the setting is clear and detailed without overpowering the story.

This is a wonderful addition to an amazing series, and I highly recommend it to readers who enjoy YA fantasy with action, suspense, a unique world, fabulous characters, and two epic romances! I don’t know if this is the end for Faye and her friends. I’ve read that it’s a five-book series, and I’m hoping that’s true, even though this book finished in a satisfying way. I love this world and the characters who inhabit it, and I’m curious to see where their journey takes them next. Thanks so much to Nicole Bailey for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The two romances!!
  • The world-building.
  • The sensory language.
  • The suspense!

Favorite Lines:

Her wails pierced my heart, and gods if I wouldn’t have traded anything to take her pain in that moment.

If something doesn’t hurt when you lose it, then it meant nothing when you had it.

Life is full of risks, don’t you think? Sometimes we must take them or die without having lived.

Doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still wrong.

If I had magic, I would wish for the ability to capture a moment – just one. And I would capture this one. I would tuck us down into the periphery of the world and stay there with you forever.


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