Reviews: Coming to Call and Coming to Sapphire Creek by Carmen Cook

Hi there! Today I’m reviewing two short stories in the Sapphire Creek series. I read Coming in Hot, the first book in the series, and fell in love with the characters and setting. Coming Around, a Sapphire Creek novella, is as great as the first book, so I was thrilled when Carmen Cook asked me to read two short stories in the Sapphire Creek world. Let’s take a look at Coming to Call and Coming to Sapphire Creek!

Coming to Call

About the Book:

Title: Coming to Call

Author: Carmen Cook

Series: Sapphire Creek

Publication Date: April 13, 2021

Synopsis: Karen Ward’s adult children have informed her she needs a life. In fact, they think she needs to date. And she’s starting to agree with them. So when they set her up with Sapphire Creek’s newest confirmed bachelor, Johnnie, she agrees, hoping he’ll be just the guy to pull her out of her self-imposed isolation.

​Johnnie Simeneau has been content to live his life for his job. But that’s before he moved to Sapphire Creek and saw Karen Ward. The sexy sixty-year-old catches his heart and won’t let go, something he’s never experienced before.

Now that she’s agreed to their not-so-blind date, he’s determined to turn on the charm and prove what they’ve got is worth taking a chance on—so long as their pasts don’t derail their future.

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My Review:

Coming to Call is a quick and sweet short story that is part of the Sapphire Creek world, and I’m so thankful to Carmen Cook for providing me a copy in exchange for my honest review. I’m loving this contemporary romance series, and I enjoyed the budding romance between Johnnie and Karen.

Karen lives for her family and often puts others needs ahead of her own. With gentle persuasion, Karen agrees to meet Johnnie. Johnnie, the new park ranger, is captivated by Karen and thrilled when she finally agrees to go on a date with him. However, town issues, as well as someone from Johnnie’s past, threaten their relationship before it even begins.

This is a sweet romance between two older protagonists, both of whom come with baggage. I like how understanding and tolerant both Karen and Johnnie are with each other. They respect each other, and they definitely have a spark that was missing in both their lives. Their conversations are fun and easy, and it’s clear they see the potential for a future together. I also love how realistic the characters are. I could so relate to Karen when she is getting ready for her date. She is so nervous, and she begins to second guess everything, from her clothing choice to agreeing to the date in the first place. She reacts they same way I do whenever I have to go somewhere important!

It will be interesting to see how this relationship grows and develops as the series continues. I have a feeling Johnnie will help Connor in his investigation, as Johnnie is a park ranger and is already aiding and advising Connor. And since Karne is Connor’s mother-in-law, she and her new beau are bound to make appearances in future books!

Coming to Sapphire Creek

About the Book:

Title: Coming to Sapphire Creek

Author: Carmen Cook

Series: Sapphire Creek

Publication Date: Feb. 2, 2021

Publisher: A Book A Day

Synopsis: Deanna Chase works hard. As a single mom, she takes her responsibilities seriously…except that one night she escaped reality in the strong arms of a stranger.

Sebastian Dunn is out of the Army and ready to settle down into a quiet life in a small town. But he has one more mission to run. To find out if the sparks he felt all those years ago were just a one-time thing, or if he can convince Deanna to take a chance on love.

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My Review:

A lovely second-chance romance, the story focuses on Deanna and Bas, a couple that first met ten years ago. Neither forgot the night of passion they shared, and when Bas returns to Sapphire Creek, to stay this time, he is determined to convince Deanna they are meant to be. As a single mother with no family support, Deanna struggled for many years. She’s hardworking, kind, and beloved by the town, but she’s never had time for romance or love. When Bas returns, old feelings reignite, and Deanna has to decide if she’s willing to let Bas in.

The chemistry between Deanna and Bas is instantaneous and strong. Both have held onto their feelings, and it’s lovely to see them find each other again. I also like Bas’s growing relationship with Deanna’s son. He’s in his late teens, and he gets a job at Bas’s new auto shop before he knows about Bas’s connection to his mom. They seem to develop a mutual respect for each other, and they have the potential for a great relationship, which is important to Deanna.

I also love the witty banter between Deanna and her son. He reminds me a bit of my own teenage son, who loves to joke and tease but also says some really sweet and endearing things from time-to-time. All of the characters int his series are realistic, interesting, and relatable!

Though this is a short story, I’m hoping that we learn more about Bas and Deanna’s growing relationships in future books in the Sapphire Creek series, as I can see them fitting right in with the other couples. Thanks so much to Carmen Cook for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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