Book Review: My Valentine Adventure by Amber Daulton

About the Book:

Title: My Valentine Adventure

Author: Amber Daulton

Page Length: 61

Publication Date: May 18, 2019

Synopsis: Parker Townsend raised his children alone after he lost his wife, but then he’s roped into an unwanted blind date after his two little hellions placed a “Mom Wanted” ad in the local paper.

Claire Lauer answered the want ad with few expectations and met Parker on Valentine’s Day, a day she hated with a passion. As an animal rights activist and a divorcée, she felt more comfortable with a placard in her hand than in the company of a handsome man with emotional baggage.

After a protest takes a turn for the worse, she seeks shelter in her date’s arms and loses time in his bed. Will Parker and Claire find the courage to lay their fragile hearts on the line, or will they forever live in a world of gray?

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My Review:

My Valentine Adventure by Amber Daulton is a short contemporary romance about starting over. The story focuses on the first memorable date between Claire and Parker, two people that are still healing from past relationships. Neither is looking forward to a romantic Valentine’s Day date, and though they meet under unusual circumstances (his children placed an ad in the paper), their connection is instant.

Claire is a passionate, tender-hearted woman with strong beliefs and conviction. Her passion inspires Parker, who hasn’t felt drawn to a woman since the death of his wife. Parker also ignites feelings that Claire hasn’t felt since her divorce. I also like that Parker steps out of his comfort zone and encourages Claire’s passion for protecting animals rights. Realistic and interesting, Parker and Claire are nicely developed characters with strong morals and family values. They are a well-suited pair, and they have the potential for an epic romance.

Messages about starting over, not living in the past, embracing the future, and protecting those who can’t protect themselves are seamlessly woven into the story. I love that the author highlighted relevant, relatable, and important topics into Parker and Claire’s romance.

I enjoyed this quick and steamy romance and loved that these deserving characters took a risk to find a second chance at love. I also really liked the secondary characters, including Parker’s humorous and caring brother, Claire’s mom and friends, and Claire and Parker’s kids. Readers looking for a quick and steamy contemporary romance will love this one!


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The messages about animal rights and animal cruelty.
  • The secondary characters.

Favorite Line:

The shouting and stomping kept his blood running hot, but Claire’s smile burned through him like the sun, invigorating and filling him with life.


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    1. It was a short but sweet one, definitely a couple to root for.
      I know, I read so much! It’s either a gift or a problem, I’m not sure which yet! lol

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