Book Review: To Desire a Scoundrel by Tracy Sumner

About the Book:

Title: To Desire a Scoundrel

Author: Tracy Sumner

Series: Southern Heat

Page Length: 136

Publication Date: Dec. 12, 2011

Synopsis: The first rule when dealing with scoundrels? Never wager more than you are willing to lose.

Especially in matters of the heart.

Katherine Peters had loved Richmond’s most notorious scoundrel – and lost. She vowed to forget Tanner Barkley. And deny the ache in her heart.

Caught between the devil and desire.

Tanner Barkley rejected a banking fortune for the newspaper business. He hadn’t planned on falling in love with the one person who held the key to the most important story of his career.

Katherine’s disdain is no match for Tanner’s persuasive charm.

Or the love neither can deny. 

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My Review:

A quick and entertaining novella, the story focuses on Kate and Tanner, ex-lovers who still have feelings for each other. Secrets, lies, and betrayal tore the couple apart almost two years ago, but their feelings for each other still remain. Tanner is desperate to prove his love for Kate, but he knows this is near impossible, especially since she thinks he is a liar and a rake. Can Tanner win Kate’s heart once again, or is it too late for this couple?

Tanner, a newspaperman who worked with Adam (from To Seduce a Rogue) needs a place to rest and recuperate during the holidays. Imagine his surprise when his old flame “Kate is on the same carriage and headed to the same small town as Tanner. Kate is horrified to be traveling with her first and only love. He is a known womanizer, and he betrayed her badly, and Kate has resolutely cut him from her life. Of course, with mutual and meddling friends, as well as many unresolved issues, Kate and Tanner’s love story is far from over.

Kate and Tanner have a lot of issues to work through, but Kate’s stubborn pride prevents this from happening. Tanner does not help the situation with his volatility and mismanagement of secrets. There are major trust issues and miscommunications that the couple has to work through, and both have to decide if their feelings are strong enough to get through the obstacles that stand in their way.

As we learn more about their relationship and what forced their break-up, we also learn how deeply Kate and Tanner loved each other. Tanner is much more aware of feelings, but Kate has buried hers. What I like is that they both acknowledge and take accountability for the mistakes they made in the past. Tanner wasn’t as honest as he should have been, and Kate didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt. They didn’t fight for each other as hard as they should have, which is what led to their estrangement. They are well-developed characters, both with good qualities and flaws, and their chemistry is fantastic!! Their relationship is filled with angst, anger, and passion, and their emotions are super intense.

I also love that Charlie and Adam, the main characters in To Seduce a Rogue have important roles in this story. I love Charlie and Adam, and it’s wonderful to see how their love story has progressed. Other characters introduced in the first book make appearances in this one, including Charlie’s best friend, her cousin, and other members of the small town in which they live. It’s interesting to see how Kate and Tanner fit in and interact with these familiar faces.

This is a great second-chance romance with wonderful characters, small-town charm, a bit of intrigue, and a fabulous enemies-to-lovers love story. I think readers who enjoy historical romance and are looking for a captivating story that can be read in one sitting will adore this book! Thanks so much to Tracy Sumner for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!
  • The characters.

Favorite Lines:

Memories are part of the past, and I don’t want any part of the past.

Hard to disguise alarm when it rips like a seam in a pair of trousers.


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