Book Review: The Rake is Taken by Tracy Sumner

About the Book:

Title: The Rake is Taken

Author: Tracy Sumner

Series: League of Lords

Page Length: 260

Publication Date: June 16, 2020

Synopsis: A gorgeous psychic. An unwanted betrothal. A tantalizing compromise.

An independent hellion, a stealer of time, and the only woman who can capture his heart…

Lady Victoria Hamilton has a supernatural gift, a fiancé, and a guardian angel. She just never expected her protector to be the most dazzling man in England, a devilish scoundrel they call the Blue Bastard. Victoria has agreed to marry for duty, not love, but her unforeseen desire for her mystical angel threatens to destroy not only her plans for the future but the armor surrounding her susceptible heart.

A confirmed scoundrel, a mind reader, and the only man she desires…

Illegitimate son of a viscount and reigning king of London’s gossip sheets, Finn Alexander has spent a lifetime hiding his ability to read minds behind charming smiles and wicked behavior. No one knows the real man, and he likes it that way. Until he meets the lone woman who sees the man beneath the disguise—a blue-blooded temptress with the power to bring him to his knees.

As they embark on a journey of passion and friendship, Victoria and Finn must decide if they’re willing to risk everything for the promise of true, magical love. 

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My Review:

The Rake is Taken is the second book in the League of Lords series, and I was so excited to see the story focuses on Finn, who was first introduced in The Lady is Trouble. Finn Alexander, also called The Blue Bastard, is handsome, charismatic, and well-known as a rake who never stays with one woman for long. Known as The Blue Bastard because of his striking eye color and his unsavory heritage, Finn is the focus of many scandals in society. Finn is not one to follow the rules. Of course, Finn isn’t exactly what he seems, and he has many secrets that he keeps from others. In addition to his origins, one of these secrets involves his paranormal gifts.

Haunted by the dreams of Lady Victoria and wanting to learn more about her, Finn begins to trail her. He learns that, because of the pressure of her selfish family, Victoria has agreed to enter into an arranged marriage. Acting out in a fit of protest, Victoria is continually rescued by Finn, and when she finds out who he is, she is equally afraid and intrigued.

Though she is loyal and duty-bound, Victoria’s family does not treat her well. They basically see her as a means to the end of their financial troubles. However, Finn sees that she has a gift, and he convinces her to go to his brother’s estate, where they protect and train people with paranormal abilities. Finn is certain they can help Victoria to control and better use her gifts, which she has kept hidden for years.

Victoria also has strange dreams that connect to Finn’s, and as the couple tries to make sense of these dreams, they grow closer. The chemistry between Finn and Tori is fantastic! They are so drawn to each other, and though they try to resist, it is so difficult. They both know they can’t be together, but that doesn’t stop their feelings from growing. I love how this pair sees each other for who they really are. They aren’t fooled by the facades, and instead, look deeper and learn the truth of each other. They are both strong-willed and passionate people, and their love story is wonderful.

I also like the paranormal elements in the story. People have many different paranormal abilities, and Finn and Tori’s abilities are fascinating. Tori can steal bits of time, and Finn can read minds. Tori also has another surprising ability that intrigues and alarms Finn. Other people’s paranormal gifts include the power to heal, to start fires, to alter one’s mind, to see auras, and more. This is such a unique aspect of the story and not one I usually see in paranormal, historical romance.

Like the first book, the characters in this book are well-developed and interesting. I liked being able to see some of my favorite from The Lady is Trouble in this book. However, if you didn’t read the first book, you can still read this one. Reading the first book will provide context, especially in regard to the characters, but it is easy enough to follow on its own. The story is filled with suspense, secrets, lies, and a ton of sexual tension and is a great addition to the League of Lords series. Thanks so much to Tracy Sumner for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance! Sa-woon!!
  • The paranormal elements.
  • The well-developed characters.


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