ARC Review: My Highland Protector by Miriam Minger

About the Book:

Title: My Highland Protector

Author: Mariam Minger

Series: Warriors of the Highlands #2

Publication Date: May 25, 2021

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

Synopsis: After saving Robert the Bruce’s life, Cameron Campbell finds himself rewarded with an enemy’s castle. His first act as laird is to release the wretched prisoners in the dungeon, one of them no youth but a flame-haired beauty on the brink of death. Alas, though Cameron is no stranger to war, he’s nonetheless a stranger to women. Still, he vows to do his best to nurse Aislinn back to health. Although, if he thought her helpless, he couldn’t be more wrong.

Fierce and loyal to her kin, Aislinn insists upon setting out to find her father and brother, both having come from Ireland to fight for King Robert. Despite that Cameron believes them executed by now, and against his better judgment, he joins her on a dangerous quest to discover her family’s fate, never expecting to lose his heart along the way.

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My Review:

My Highland Protector, the second book in the Warriors of the Highlands series, is a captivating romance that follows Cameron and Aislinn as they work together to find her family and evade the clutches of her malicious and manipulative betrothed. After saving Robert the Bruce’s life, Cameron is rewarded with one of their enemies’ lands. Now laird, Cameron feels the weight of responsibility, and when he learns that there are prisoners still in the dungeons, he immediately takes charge and orders them freed. He is shocked to learn that one of the surviving prisoners is not a young man but a woman.

A fierce warrior and fair leader, Cameron is super shy around women, so much so that he can barely speak when in a woman’s presence. However, when he saves Aislinn from the dungeons and helps nurse her back to health, a bond forms, and his shyness slowly fades. Aislinn is a warrior, resolute in her goals of protecting her family, fighting for what she believes in, and having the freedom to make her own choices.

Like Cameron, Aislinn is fierce, and she is also determined to save her father and brother, who she hopes are still alive and being held prisoner at another castle. Aislinn is a fighter and a survivor, and I love her compulsion to help and her quick thinking. She shows such bravery in the face of insurmountable obstacles, and she defies the typical expectations of women. She often puts her own life at risk to help others, much to the protective Cameron’s dismay.

They both also show what it means to be honorable and good, as they work together to help and save vulnerable people. From a young girl on the cusp of womanhood who is threatened, to the kind people that take them in, to other people that they don’t even know, Cameron and Aislinn are diligent in their pursuit of fairness and honor. Of course, manipulative and power-hungry people, other warriors, and even family stand in their way, but Cameron and Aislinn prove just how strong they really are in these instances. And through it all, their chemistry is fantastic!!

The love story between Cameron and Aislinn is absolutely swoon-tastic. It’s one of the few historical romances I’ve read where the man is as inexperienced as the woman, and it was fabulous. They have such a strong connection, yet secrets, fears, and other obstacles stand in their way. Cameron does not know that Aislinn is betrothed to another, even though she vehemently opposes the union. Cameron is also torn between his duty and loyalty to Robert the Bruce and his love for Aislinn. At several points in the story, you can feel their helplessness as Cameron and Aislinn’s fate spirals out of control.

What I love about their relationship is, as they explore the depth of their feelings, they become very honest with each other and they trust each other implicitly. They tell each other things they’ve never told anyone else, and they realize that they are more alike than they initially thought. Cameron and Aislinn have a strong bond, and they both prove that they are willing to fight for each other and their love.

This is a fantastic addition to the Warriors of the Highlands series, and I was delighted when some of the characters from My Highland Warrior made appearances in this book. The main protagonists from the story, as well as some of the secondary characters, support Cameron and Aislinn in their quest to be together. It was great to see what has happened to these characters since the conclusion of the first book, and their roles in this story are fantastic.

Even though characters from the first book are prevalent in this one, you can easily read this book as a standalone. The author provides ample context in relation to these characters that you don’t have to have read the first story to become immersed in this one.

I think readers who enjoy historical Highland romance with well-developed characters and a swoon-worthy love story will adore My Highland Protector. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series and have a feeling that Cameron’s charismatic brother might be the focus. Thanks so much to Netgalley and Oliver Heber Books, and Miriam Minger for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The romance!!! It is absolutely swoon-worthy!
  • The characters. They are well-developed and unique!

Favorite Lines:

They’re warriors, our husbands … but we’re fighters too, in our own way.

We’re not tae fear what may come tomorrow.


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