Book Review: A Prophecy of Wings by Jane McGarry

About the Book:

Title: A Prophecy of Wings

Author: Jane McGarry

Page Length: 382

Publication Date: May 18, 2021

Publisher: JM Books

Synopsis: A betrayal, a prophecy, a kingdom in the balance. Sixteen years ago the evil Dahlia overthrew the kingdom of Roshall Grove, the heart of the Fairy World. A prophecy foreseen by Edwina, a powerful enchantress, remains the only hope to topple her iron-fisted rule. Now, Lina, a simple peasant girl, learns her future is linked to this prophecy.

Edwina brings Lina to the Fairy World to fulfill her destiny—conquering Queen Dahlia. Separated from the enchantress by agents of the dark queen, Lina begins a perilous journey to join the Resistors, who await her return to mount their attack. Thrust into this strange world, Lina must navigate relations with a host of different fairies and animals, never knowing who seeks to help or to thwart her.

Finally reunited with the Resistors, Lina must find the strength to lead her people and fulfill the prophecy. Meanwhile, Dahlia prepares for the battle, which will ultimately decide the survival of her reign, while reflecting on the path that brought her and her foe to this moment of reckoning.

A fairy tale with an ending twist, A Prophecy of Wings is loosely based on Thumbelina by Hans Christian Andersen and examines the ideas of predestined fates and the subsequent, sometimes unforeseen, consequences.

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My Review:

A fun and entertaining spin on the story of Thumbelina, A Prophecy of Wings follows Lina as she learns that her fate is inextricably tied to a land and people she never knew existed. After the death of her beloved mother, Lina learns that she is not human. Hidden away to protect her from the evil clutches of her murderous aunt, who is also the leader of the fairies, Lina must return to her world and claim the throne, thus ending the horrific reign of her aunt. Lina’s journey takes her to many places, and she meets many new friends, as well as a few foes. Will she fulfill the prophecy and bring peace to the world of fairies, or will darkness prevail?

I enjoy fairy tale retellings, and this is a fun read with a great twist at the end that I didn’t anticipate. I like the unique spin the author put on the story while still including notable elements of Thumbelina. Lina, for example, is very much like the original character. She is kind, considerate, and a little naïve. She loves her family, and she shows a lot of compassion. I like how she finds her voice as the story progresses, and she never gives up on her quest even when seeds of doubt and numerous external obstacles stand in her way.

Other characters are reminiscent of the original characters from the tale, though the book also includes new and unique characters. Lina makes friends with some sweet and helpful creatures, and there are a group of resistors, led by Cornelius, that change the dynamics of the story. One of the most remarkable additions is the main antagonist, Dahlia.

Though the story focuses mainly on Lina’s journey, I like that the story also switches from Lina’s perspective to her aunt’s, giving the reader insight into Dahlia’s past, as well as her present. You learn about this antagonist’s childhood, her relationships, and what led Dahlia down the dark and murderous path she took. You also learn about Lina’s mother and her upbringing, which offers insight into Lina and Dahlia’s character.

The story has a lot of action, a mysterious prophecy, adventure, excitement, and some great messages about hope, love, and friendship. It’s is a fun and engaging middle-grade read for lovers of cute fairy tale retellings. Thanks so much to Jane McGarry for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Favorite Parts:

  • The connection to Thumbelina.
  • The unique twists and ending.

Favorite Lines:

“I wonder what makes someone choose evil over good and hate over love?” she asked, slipping beneath the blanket again.

“A deep hurt, I imagine. A longing to fill a painful hole inside. When love cannot fill it, hate will surely take its place until sadly, there is no room for anything else.

Our destinies often take us far away from who we once were and who we thought we would become.


This is a fun story for readers who like:

  • fairy tale retellings
  • the chosen one trope
  • physical and emotional journeys

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